Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Swear....

I swear (well, if I swore than I'd swear)... so umm... I'm super flippin' serious that it's not my fault for not being a good blogger this time. Hear me out.

I work 8 to 6 five days a week now and I just moved into my new place and I haven't had the opportunity to even call the internet company thing-a-ma-jigger people.

I'm currently plopped down in the local Panera listening to completely awful elevator music but I was thoroughly determined today to get some updates done. So.. I hauled my over sized laptop to Starbucks first and got everything set up tried to connect to internet and realized it's not free anymore. WHAT THE FLIP-FLOP?????? Not free anymore. I was so irate I could have stomped right up to the barista and demanded an answer! I had it all worked out in my head. I'd walk right up to him and give him a piece of my mind....

It would start this way, "Do you know how much money a year I donate to your water, electric and overpriced coffee bill? Do you realize that you've gotten this poor innocent utterly broke college girl addicted to liquid heaven?"

He'd of course say, " Ma'am I apologize for the inconvenience (as they all say, this is normally followed up with something along the lines of this.....) but there just isn't anything I personally can do about it. Would you like to try our new iced latte today?"

So to save myself much embarrassment by causing a seen at a Starbucks that I would most likely be coming back to as early as tomorrow I decided to back up my huge computer and jump back in ole Red Wagon and search for a place to blog...

I somehow ended up at Panera and think it will be my new 'Get Away' spot from now on each Sunday.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

When Were Women Allowed To Vote??!! ha ha

So... I haven't been keeping up with my end of the bargain.... you know the one where I update my blog frequently.

Well, I thought I'd start back with some funny stories. Some funny incidents that have happened recently that can make even a spring chicken like myself feel over the hill.

A couple of weeks back I was teaching the school age kids (ages 8 to 10) and it was time for "Get Your Game On", this is the time in the day when we play different board games.

This particular day the kids opted for Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? I played Jeff Foxworthy, the host of the game show while they battled it out to the final round. The Million Dollar question that is.

I drew a card from the stack entitled "Million Dollar Questions".

The card said...... "When in America were women given the right to vote?"

So they jotted down their answers on paper and hid them so the opposing team couldn't see. In case you didn't know that's like a number one hot spot with 8 to 10 year olds... I hear "she cheated!" or "he cheated!" more times a day than I'm able to count.

Anyway. The answers. Well, first let me say that I was thinking that they'd get closer than they did, needless to say.... they were a little off.

Me: "Destiny, when do you think women were allowed to vote in the U.S.?"

Destiny (she's 8): "Umm....well, I'd have to say 1998 because that was a really long time ago." (In her defense she WAS born in 2000 lol)

At this point another kid had to chime in and say "No way, that's way wrong!"

Thank goodness! A kid who knows his stuff. I couldn't wait to hear his answer!

Isaac: " No way it can be 1998! It had to be 1995 that's way older, it's like ancient times!"

Ok... maybe not. I seriously couldn't believe that these kids were so serious about their answers. I really think they would have bet their parents hard earned money on their answers. They were 100% sure they were right.

So, of course I had to proceed to tell them the right answer.... 1920. They were then surprised to hear that people were in fact alive at this time. In their minds they believed this was more the time of Noah and the Ark. What???? lol Oh the days of cluelessness and innocence those were so long ago.

Same day, different time. Here are two other short stories that happened that same day.

One kid to another kid on the movie we were watching being made in the '80s: "The '80's!!! That's like old!"

Me: "I was born in the '80's."

Their mouths just dropped.

The next question to come outta his mouth: "So are you like 38?"

My answer: "Yep. I'm 38."

I couldn't help but giggle.

The movie we were watching was Alice In Wonderland. A little girl asked if Disney made Alice in Wonderland.

Little boy: "Of course not. Disney wasn't around then. Their first movies were like The Lion King and Monster's Inc."

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha These kids are something else.

P.S. Do you feel old yet?