Monday, June 14, 2010

Making The Switch

So I know it's not Wednesday but I wanted to tell about a new all natural/green product I've fallen in love with and why I made the switch to it.

The last few months, each day I've put on deodorant I have felt guilty and a little sick to my stomach. Yes, over deodorant. Ridiculous I know.

But I just kept thinking about all I know about this little product we use each day and how even though the popular deodorants we all buy everyday do their job. They definitely were not good for my overall health.

Deodorants such as Secret, Degree, LadySpeedStick...and so on have some very interesting and unsafe ingredients. Your body is made to sweat and these deodorants all keep your body from doing that by clogging pores with lots of nasty chemicals. These chemicals can build up in your underarms and cause problems such as swollen lymph nodes and small tumors.

Umm, no thank you.

I had been taking so long to switch to natural deodorant because I hadn't heard of any good alternatives and to sweat and be stinky was not an option.

I have heard great things recently about the brand Alvera so I purchased a bottle of their deodorant in the Aloe & Almond scent and I have been very very impressed.

There is absolutely no stinkiness. Which is obviously everyone's main issue. But I can honestly report that I have not once in the last three weeks had issues there since I've changed to this all natural brand. I do sweat a little, but that's natural since your body is made to do that. But it hasn't been anything major, I'm not much of a sweater anyway.

I definitely recommend this product since it's aloe based and not petroleum it's a million times better for you and for the environment. Give it a try! ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dropping In

Just thought I'd stop in to say.....

It's SUMMER and I'm loving every single second of it.

So please don't get mad if my updates are less and less for a little while.

I'm enjoying much needed time with friends and family....sunshine & and gardening. And much much more.

Happy Summer my dear friends! :)