Saturday, January 16, 2010


Before I tell you this story let me preface this by saying I'm always emotional but this....well, this is just ridiculous.

So about a week ago I was driving to work.

Just listening to the radio.

A Miley Cyrus song came on. (I'm not really even a fan of Miley.)

Anyway, driving along listening to Miley Cyrus and then it happened.

I burst into tears as I listened to the lyrics of her song.

Yeah, you're probably thinking, "Aww, The Climb. I can see how that can be so sad."


I was indeed weeping while listening to Party In The USA!!!

I know you're thinking really? What? How?

Well, as I was listening I started thinking how sad it must be that Miley had to "hop off the plane at LAX" not knowing anyone. She had to have felt so alone. I mean everyone was "wearing stilletos" and she "didn't get the memo".

Yes, those were actual thoughts running through my overly emotional mind.

I was absolutely distaught that poor Miley Cyrus had to leave Nashville and go to Los Angeles not knowing a soul. I thought about how hard that must be.

Really! This was going on in my head.

What would cause me to have a reation like this to a song that has lyrics that say "the dj played my favorite song and a Britney song was on" or "Noding my head like yeah, moving my hips like yeah" and lastly, it says "There's a party in the USA!" ??????


Girls, this has to be one of the craziest crying episodes to ever happen.

If you have something that will top this, please, be my guest I'd love to hear it.

Until then, I'm going to believe that P.M.S. makes only me a Miley Cyrus crying crazy person.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So most of you know that I've always got some sort of craft going at my house.

Between the sewing, jewelry making, baking, redecorating, painting and so on I keep myself pretty busy.

I continue to find more and more things that strike my interest as I go along. Therefore, my list of crafts grows and grows each week.

So of course, I've picked up something new.

I have a friend who is pregnant, Erin and I wanted to make something for baby to be Miss Kinley.

Of course I'm all about a little girl looking sweet, precious and girly I decided that I was going to make her some hair bows for all her wee little outfits.

When I started making them I realized rather quickly that they were getting out of hand and they were going to need a home.

I decided to make a hair bow/ hair band holder and so far it's gotten pretty good reviews.

See what you think.....

Erin posted a picture of the hairbows and holder and within a few minutes people were wanting one so with that said I'm now making them (amongst many other things, as always) to sell.

By special order only :)

So if you have any friends or family that are having a precious little girl or has one please let them know that I'd be happy to make them one, with a small fee of course ;)

For price info please e-mail me @

3 Year Olds....

A few of my latest funnies

Actual 3 year old lunch conversation

K: "Did you know Hokahoma is in Texas?"
D: "Yep."
K: "But I just want to go to Pretty Rico, that's where my friend lives."
D: "I don't think my Mommy will let me know go to Pretty Rico, it's too far."
K: "Hey! Did you know that Mommy's and Daddy's drink coppee?"
D: "Well, my Daddy just drinks beer. One day I'm gonna be big and I can drink beer just like my Daddy!"

Hokahoma = Oklahoma :)
and Pretty Rico = Puerto Rico (we have a little girl in our class visiting family there)

Conversation with Daddy and Daughter as they walked down our hall.

Daughter: "What did you do today Daddy?"
Daddy: "I went to work."
Daughter: "Why?"
Daddy: "To bring home the bacon."
Daughter: "Oh so ya had bacon for lunch."
Daddy: "Actually, I had a chicken salad sandwich."
Daughter: "Sounds yummy."

We have a little boy in our class that brings his stuffed dinosaur which he's named Giggly.

D: "Ms. Tori, Giggly's back as school today, he's been sick."
Me: "Oh I'm so sorry, what was wrong with him?"
D: "Oh ya know, he just had an ear confection."

ha ha ha ha ha ha I had to ask him twice what was wrong with him, it just just too cute.

A little girls mom comes to pick her up from school and as she goes around to give everyone a hug goodbye she then starts to walk out the door when a little boy goes running after her yelling, "WAIT!WAIT! I almost forgot to tell you, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!" (Date of this conversation, January 6th) lol So sweet to see him still in the spirit ;)

I baked all sorts of cookies for the kiddos for Christmas and put them in individualized bags for them. After all the kids had left but one the day I passed them out I told him that he could try one since he'd been eyeing them all day.

Me: "Why don't you try this one out and make sure it taste's good. But just this one."
D: (Puts cookie in his mouth as his eyes light up) "MmmMMmmm! MmmMMmmm!"
Me: "So you like it?"
D: "Yep, it was very good!"
He then finishes the cookie and then looks up and stares at me for a minute like he's got something to say.
D: "Ms. Tori I think I better try that chocolate one to make sure it's good too."

Dear Twenty-Ten.....

Dear Twenty-ten,

Your friend 2009 did not bring me a very important request that I had made. So I must ask you. I know it's not your fault that your little friend failed to make all my dreams come true but it seems they are now in your hands. So here goes.....

Please bring me a man.

No, no not just ANY man.

I must be more specific otherwise you'd just drop Kevin Federline, Spencer Pratt or Tiger Woods at my front door.

And Lord knows that ALL women deserve better than the above.

So I'm here to give you a few guidelines so that it's easier for you to bring Mr. Almost Perfect into my life.

I'll try to keep it short, but I make no guarantees.

Please, keep in mind these are JUST guidelines.

I'd much prefer him to be tall, handsome and have dimples for days.

A little rough around the edges, but cleans up nice.

Ambitious. Which doesn't mean he must one day be a big rig on Wall Street but I'd prefer he not be a convenient store clerk or a drug dealer.


Have a vehicle.

Have a job.

Be 30 or under.



Must make me laugh.

And I'd really like it if he had a nice last name, for my future children's benefit. lol

I promise to this man that you are bringing me that he will NEVER in a million years have to drive a minivan and I think that's a pretty spectacular promise.

So please 2010, be on the lookout.

That is all.

The Comeback

So its no secret that I've not been posting.....

I do have about 4 posts that I'm finishing up about recent happenings so they will be debuting soon.

Hopefully Victoria-ville will get back in the swing of things very soon! But first this house must be cleaned!!!

Soon though, very soon.