Sunday, January 10, 2010

So most of you know that I've always got some sort of craft going at my house.

Between the sewing, jewelry making, baking, redecorating, painting and so on I keep myself pretty busy.

I continue to find more and more things that strike my interest as I go along. Therefore, my list of crafts grows and grows each week.

So of course, I've picked up something new.

I have a friend who is pregnant, Erin and I wanted to make something for baby to be Miss Kinley.

Of course I'm all about a little girl looking sweet, precious and girly I decided that I was going to make her some hair bows for all her wee little outfits.

When I started making them I realized rather quickly that they were getting out of hand and they were going to need a home.

I decided to make a hair bow/ hair band holder and so far it's gotten pretty good reviews.

See what you think.....

Erin posted a picture of the hairbows and holder and within a few minutes people were wanting one so with that said I'm now making them (amongst many other things, as always) to sell.

By special order only :)

So if you have any friends or family that are having a precious little girl or has one please let them know that I'd be happy to make them one, with a small fee of course ;)

For price info please e-mail me @

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