Saturday, January 16, 2010


Before I tell you this story let me preface this by saying I'm always emotional but this....well, this is just ridiculous.

So about a week ago I was driving to work.

Just listening to the radio.

A Miley Cyrus song came on. (I'm not really even a fan of Miley.)

Anyway, driving along listening to Miley Cyrus and then it happened.

I burst into tears as I listened to the lyrics of her song.

Yeah, you're probably thinking, "Aww, The Climb. I can see how that can be so sad."


I was indeed weeping while listening to Party In The USA!!!

I know you're thinking really? What? How?

Well, as I was listening I started thinking how sad it must be that Miley had to "hop off the plane at LAX" not knowing anyone. She had to have felt so alone. I mean everyone was "wearing stilletos" and she "didn't get the memo".

Yes, those were actual thoughts running through my overly emotional mind.

I was absolutely distaught that poor Miley Cyrus had to leave Nashville and go to Los Angeles not knowing a soul. I thought about how hard that must be.

Really! This was going on in my head.

What would cause me to have a reation like this to a song that has lyrics that say "the dj played my favorite song and a Britney song was on" or "Noding my head like yeah, moving my hips like yeah" and lastly, it says "There's a party in the USA!" ??????


Girls, this has to be one of the craziest crying episodes to ever happen.

If you have something that will top this, please, be my guest I'd love to hear it.

Until then, I'm going to believe that P.M.S. makes only me a Miley Cyrus crying crazy person.

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Erin said...

That is freakin hilarious.. what a goober!!