Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 Year Olds....

A few of my latest funnies

Actual 3 year old lunch conversation

K: "Did you know Hokahoma is in Texas?"
D: "Yep."
K: "But I just want to go to Pretty Rico, that's where my friend lives."
D: "I don't think my Mommy will let me know go to Pretty Rico, it's too far."
K: "Hey! Did you know that Mommy's and Daddy's drink coppee?"
D: "Well, my Daddy just drinks beer. One day I'm gonna be big and I can drink beer just like my Daddy!"

Hokahoma = Oklahoma :)
and Pretty Rico = Puerto Rico (we have a little girl in our class visiting family there)

Conversation with Daddy and Daughter as they walked down our hall.

Daughter: "What did you do today Daddy?"
Daddy: "I went to work."
Daughter: "Why?"
Daddy: "To bring home the bacon."
Daughter: "Oh so ya had bacon for lunch."
Daddy: "Actually, I had a chicken salad sandwich."
Daughter: "Sounds yummy."

We have a little boy in our class that brings his stuffed dinosaur which he's named Giggly.

D: "Ms. Tori, Giggly's back as school today, he's been sick."
Me: "Oh I'm so sorry, what was wrong with him?"
D: "Oh ya know, he just had an ear confection."

ha ha ha ha ha ha I had to ask him twice what was wrong with him, it just just too cute.

A little girls mom comes to pick her up from school and as she goes around to give everyone a hug goodbye she then starts to walk out the door when a little boy goes running after her yelling, "WAIT!WAIT! I almost forgot to tell you, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!" (Date of this conversation, January 6th) lol So sweet to see him still in the spirit ;)

I baked all sorts of cookies for the kiddos for Christmas and put them in individualized bags for them. After all the kids had left but one the day I passed them out I told him that he could try one since he'd been eyeing them all day.

Me: "Why don't you try this one out and make sure it taste's good. But just this one."
D: (Puts cookie in his mouth as his eyes light up) "MmmMMmmm! MmmMMmmm!"
Me: "So you like it?"
D: "Yep, it was very good!"
He then finishes the cookie and then looks up and stares at me for a minute like he's got something to say.
D: "Ms. Tori I think I better try that chocolate one to make sure it's good too."

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