Sunday, September 21, 2008

Simple Soap

So I have fallen in love with this soap.

I purchased it about 4 months ago when I got into making my own cleaning products. (Which by the way I'm still loving :)

So I bought it for the soul purpose of using in cleaning even though it's clearly a soap.

It's completely natural and all organic.

Well, I discovered that it's absolutely lovely in your bath water.

Who would have thought? lol The peppermint scent makes you tingle in the tub and it just really makes you relax.

And I love that there's nothing harmful in it.

It's good ole soap.

Give it a try you will be surprised.

And It Starts.....

Well, here goes. The first round of exams start this week.


Sleepless nights.


I guess we'll see what I'm made of.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Oh how I wish I could legally put pictures of my kids on this blog. Unfortunately, they aren't technically mine.

So this picture of a little duck will have to do for this little story. :)

So as you know my kids are two. Well, just turned two or turning two in like a month. So even I think of them as still babies sometimes.

That's why they surprise me.

So you might think that it's next to impossible to get my kids to form a line, hush their mouths and not touch each other when we walk places.

It is.

Instead we say "grab a friends hand."

At least if they are holding a friends hand they are in a horizontal line. Who cares which way the lines goes as long as they are linked together.

Now talking is another story. They love to jibber jabber.

That's why I found it so adorable today when my little ones were walking to gym class that one of my kids had his hands behind his back and his cheeks were poofed out real big. ;)

I said, "Silly man, whatcha doing?"

He said, "Buck-ales -n- ubbles Tordi."

I said, "Oh I'm sorry you're doing duck-tails and bubbles?"

He said, "Yeah, shhhhhh!"

HA HA One out of six isn't bad. It's not good either.

There's always tomorrow.

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Love.

I took in my first breath of Fall air today and couldn't help but smile while walking to my truck this morning.

This is the time of year when I just take all the time I want and soak it in.

For some reason this is my reflection part of the year.

The part of the year when I think about me and what I have been through and accomplished in the last year.

When I got home from work today I felt like I needed to take a jog or sit on the patio with a cup of hot tea.

I'm in love.

Please, Fall. Stay. Stay as long as you'd like. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Typical Two's.

So it's typical in my day of work to have at least one kid spill their cup of water or at the very least play in it.

You know put their cheez-its or animal crackers in it.

Blow bubbles in it.

Throw it on their friends and make them cry.

Dump it on the floor because they got up from the table with their cup and forgot it was in their hand when they started playing.

This of course forces Miss Tori to use bagoodles of paper towels to clean up the floor/table/chairs area.

Miss "Green" Tori.

Sometimes I want to sit them down and give them a good talkin' to about the environment. Instead I have to say, "Sweets, please don't play in your water or you will have to throw it in the trash can."

But I have thought about what I would say in my environmental speech to two year old's.

Here go's.......

"Children. What you make Miss Tori do everyday at snack time is not environmentally friendly. You make Miss Tori be a big fat tree killer! Is that what you really want? Do you want me to kill trees? Miss Tori doesn't even use paper towels in her own home. It makes me so so sad that you spill your water all over the table, floors and friends. (insert frowny face here) Now please contain your urge to take the ever precious water that I give you daily at snack and play in it. After all, not all of your fellow toddler buddies around the world are lucky enough to get water everyday of their life, especially clean water. Now did ya think about that, did ya? I didn't think so."

In my head they say, "Yay Miss Tori! Me no spill water! Me love trees!"

In real life it would probably end in all cups of water being thrown at each other and then an nsync giggle on their part.

It's also quite typical for me to stand in the middle of the classroom saying, "Please use your walking feet in the classroom or you WILL sit in think about it!" (Think about it = time out)

Think about it normally means once I sit them down so that they can think about their actions they end up crying, screaming or hitting.

So naturally I hate think about it.

But it's normally where a few of my kids live each afternoon.

Typically, one of my kids is going to need a band-aid, boo-boo bag or hugs and kisses before the day is out. I usually pray everyday that they will only need hugs and kisses because that's more fun than band-aids and boo-boo bags.

So with all the "typical-ness" you might be thinking these kids are bad.

These kids are a handful.

But.... these kids, are two.

And they are anything but terrible, they're terrific :)

Because also on a typical day I get more hugs than I can count.

I get to hear precious little voices say, "Kisses Tordi." (wanting to kiss my cheek)

I get to see them get so excited to play with their friends after they wake up from nap.

I get to see them share their toys, occasionally. ;)

I get to hear "Horsey say neigh Tori, horsey say neigh!" in their most energetic voice.

I get to have little bodies curl up in my lap and say, "Read Tordi, read."

I get to be the one that they want to pick them up when they're hurt, sad or just wanting someone to hold them. I love their little heads on my shoulder.

I love that all these things are also typical in my day of work.

I love my little loves and love how much they light up my everyday life by just being typically two.

Monday, September 8, 2008


(Tomothy and I)

So it's a new semester and what better way to get into the MEAN GREEN spirit than hit up the first home football game?! Yes, we lost. lol But I had MUCHO amounts of fun with friends. So no worries.

Already this semester is whippin' my behind.

One word. Physics.

Yeah, I'm not too excited about a few of my classes, but what can you do?

An average Monday through Friday agenda sounds a little like this for me.

Umm... school, work, school, work and then some more school. I literally make multiple trips to and from work and school each day.

One might ask, "When do you eat?" Well, that's a good question. I have not yet found a good balance of things and I'm trying really hard to get a good schedule going with my life so that I can feel fulfilled each day and not stressed to a point of pulling out my hair.

So I need a schedule that allows me to do my crazy work and school stuff along with allowing time to cook, clean, study and workout. And I'd also like a little me time and perhaps some friend time in there too.

Any suggestions?

I need some help.

It's Almost Here!

Ahhh...yes, Fall. It's on it's way. It is without a doubt my favorite time of year.

It's the leaves falling.

It's the cool air.

It's the needing a light jacket.

It's a new semester.

It's college football.

For me, it's heaven.

There is just something so refreshing about it.

It's in one word, perfection.

Friday, August 15, 2008

This Guy.

This guy is absolutely positively ridiculously amazing!!!!!!!!!!

I just watched the most recent Michael Phelps victory. His seventh gold medal in one Olypmics. And he still has one more event.

It's just unbelievable what this man in capable of. It's unbelievable how determined this man is.

This man? More like this fish.

Yep, I've decided Michael Phelps is indeed a fish. A very fast fish. Which fish are fast? Dolphins are fast. Are dolphins fish?

It's settled. Michael Phelps is a dolphin.

He's Flipper on speed.

Dancin' In The Kitchen

Just thought I'd take a break from cooking my dinner to letcha know how thankful I am for this time in my life. This time with JUST me.

I'm blaring Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley, cooking dinner and dancing around the kitchen.

How absolutely wonderful.

How wonderful it is to get to enjoy these everyday things.

How wonderful it is to get to spend time with me. Not in a selfish way. In a way that everyone needs and not everyone is lucky enough to get.

I get to learn more and more about myself each day. I've got this great opportunity to mold myself into something great instead of bringing someone else into an utter mess.

It's so important to know you. To know YOUR thoughts, opinions, wants and needs in life.

I'm looking forward to more nights of cookin' in the kitchen, dancin' around the apartment with no one else but me......

I'm grateful. I'm very grateful.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Swear....

I swear (well, if I swore than I'd swear)... so umm... I'm super flippin' serious that it's not my fault for not being a good blogger this time. Hear me out.

I work 8 to 6 five days a week now and I just moved into my new place and I haven't had the opportunity to even call the internet company thing-a-ma-jigger people.

I'm currently plopped down in the local Panera listening to completely awful elevator music but I was thoroughly determined today to get some updates done. So.. I hauled my over sized laptop to Starbucks first and got everything set up tried to connect to internet and realized it's not free anymore. WHAT THE FLIP-FLOP?????? Not free anymore. I was so irate I could have stomped right up to the barista and demanded an answer! I had it all worked out in my head. I'd walk right up to him and give him a piece of my mind....

It would start this way, "Do you know how much money a year I donate to your water, electric and overpriced coffee bill? Do you realize that you've gotten this poor innocent utterly broke college girl addicted to liquid heaven?"

He'd of course say, " Ma'am I apologize for the inconvenience (as they all say, this is normally followed up with something along the lines of this.....) but there just isn't anything I personally can do about it. Would you like to try our new iced latte today?"

So to save myself much embarrassment by causing a seen at a Starbucks that I would most likely be coming back to as early as tomorrow I decided to back up my huge computer and jump back in ole Red Wagon and search for a place to blog...

I somehow ended up at Panera and think it will be my new 'Get Away' spot from now on each Sunday.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

When Were Women Allowed To Vote??!! ha ha

So... I haven't been keeping up with my end of the bargain.... you know the one where I update my blog frequently.

Well, I thought I'd start back with some funny stories. Some funny incidents that have happened recently that can make even a spring chicken like myself feel over the hill.

A couple of weeks back I was teaching the school age kids (ages 8 to 10) and it was time for "Get Your Game On", this is the time in the day when we play different board games.

This particular day the kids opted for Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? I played Jeff Foxworthy, the host of the game show while they battled it out to the final round. The Million Dollar question that is.

I drew a card from the stack entitled "Million Dollar Questions".

The card said...... "When in America were women given the right to vote?"

So they jotted down their answers on paper and hid them so the opposing team couldn't see. In case you didn't know that's like a number one hot spot with 8 to 10 year olds... I hear "she cheated!" or "he cheated!" more times a day than I'm able to count.

Anyway. The answers. Well, first let me say that I was thinking that they'd get closer than they did, needless to say.... they were a little off.

Me: "Destiny, when do you think women were allowed to vote in the U.S.?"

Destiny (she's 8): "Umm....well, I'd have to say 1998 because that was a really long time ago." (In her defense she WAS born in 2000 lol)

At this point another kid had to chime in and say "No way, that's way wrong!"

Thank goodness! A kid who knows his stuff. I couldn't wait to hear his answer!

Isaac: " No way it can be 1998! It had to be 1995 that's way older, it's like ancient times!"

Ok... maybe not. I seriously couldn't believe that these kids were so serious about their answers. I really think they would have bet their parents hard earned money on their answers. They were 100% sure they were right.

So, of course I had to proceed to tell them the right answer.... 1920. They were then surprised to hear that people were in fact alive at this time. In their minds they believed this was more the time of Noah and the Ark. What???? lol Oh the days of cluelessness and innocence those were so long ago.

Same day, different time. Here are two other short stories that happened that same day.

One kid to another kid on the movie we were watching being made in the '80s: "The '80's!!! That's like old!"

Me: "I was born in the '80's."

Their mouths just dropped.

The next question to come outta his mouth: "So are you like 38?"

My answer: "Yep. I'm 38."

I couldn't help but giggle.

The movie we were watching was Alice In Wonderland. A little girl asked if Disney made Alice in Wonderland.

Little boy: "Of course not. Disney wasn't around then. Their first movies were like The Lion King and Monster's Inc."

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha These kids are something else.

P.S. Do you feel old yet?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Confession To Addiction

Hi. My name's Tori and I'm a starbucks-aholic.

I'm making my addiction known to the outside world... yes, I'm no longer in denial. But I'm currently refusing to do anything about it.

I have some sort of coffee heaven each morning before heading to work. So by 7:15 a.m. I've been pumped full of caffeine and I'm ready for what the day has ahead. (screaming, loving, full of spunk kids)

So today was like any other usual morning. I woke up, got dressed and headed to the Kroger Starbucks (I go so that I can use my Kroger card and get free Starbucks stuff!) Anyway, I had my usual morning fix. But this evening I did the unthinkable..... I had ANOTHER Starbucks! I didn't want to but I couldn't not, I went to B&N and it's just what you do, sip coffee and read.

I really felt the need to confess my addiction because it reached new heights today.

Interesting things that I have come to realize about Starbucks..... The barista's are ALWAYS excited to see you when you walk in the door. It's actually quite nice to have someone to wish you a wonderful day after handing you a piece of heaven. I mean they're not even mad that they're giving away this piece of heaven, in fact, they're happy to hand it over.The music is always something delightful, calming, and relaxing.The drinks are always made just perfect. And if they're not they make you another one and/or give you a free coupon for the next time you come in. They're always about making the customer happy. (I'm always happy, so their doing their job.)They are just as excited as I am about saving the world and going green!They sell my milk. Horizon's Organic Chocolate milk.So my list could go on and on..... I mean Starbucks has much awesomeness to offer.Point of blog: I love Starbucks. I'm addicted. I'm proud. And it's probably going to break me. Between coffee and gas I'm going to need financial support very very soon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy Busy!!!!


I'm busy.

Really flippin' busy. I've had no time to update really. Well, I have time I guess but it'd be cutting into my sleeping time and we all know I love my sleep.


I do plan to start up writing again soon.

Here are some subjects I hope to touch base on real soon.

  • Fun kid stories of course.
  • The awful truth about people in this world... half of them anyway.
  • Homemade cleaning products and my efforts to green up my life.
  • Organization.
  • Beautiful Boy and Tweak (The new books I'm reading)
  • Newly discovered beautiful music.
  • (a tragically beautiful story)
  • Blackberry! Yum! (The phone that is)
  • The wonderful truth about people in this world... the other half of them.
  • Kill 'em with kindness and love ;)

Ok ok so I have a lot of stuff I really want to touch base on. And I do have every intention of getting to it. Be patient and encouraging. I'm just so busy working with my little angels everyday that I'm completely exhausted each evening.

Check back soon loves!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green!

One of my favorite things to do is walk into a book store pick out a big stack of books, find a quiet spot and sit there for hours taking in all I can.

So naturally, I love Barnes & Noble.

Who wouldn't?

It's like the flippin' library with a better selection of books, the option of coffee and great music. (I love listing to the music they have playing, it's always someone unknown.)

So Jen and I took a drive to Firewheel about two weeks ago and spent a few hours in their B&N .

I can't help but always go to books on raising, teaching or nurturing children. It's my passion therefore I love reading as much as I possibly can so that I'm as prepared as possible for teaching..... and of course YEARS from now, motherhood.

So just like any other day I made my way to the "childcare" section of the store and started picking books off the shelf when I saw a book titled Growing Up Green. Now let me just tell you this is like the godfather of all books for me.

It's about kids.

It's about the environment.

It's about putting the two together.

This was most definitely my cup of tea.

WOW! WOW! WOW! And I only read the first few chapters. Not only is this book enlightening it's kind of scary. I say scary because we are exposed to so many chemicals and toxins every day without even knowing it which means children are as well.

The scariest part for me was that your unborn children are exposed to these chemicals and toxins. EeeKKK!!! Everyday things can be harming your child that isn't even born. Some chemicals even had a 50% greater chance of your child developing cancer and certain diseases.

Isn't that horrific?

I got to thinking about if you can REALLY ever be prepared to be a mommy...

Reading the first few chapters out of this book I felt completely overwhelmed. I felt like I couldn't be prepared to have a child if I had years of nothing but time to conduct studies on environmental hazards.

I do plan on going back and buying this very enlightening book. But I think I might read it quite slowly, take it all in.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baby Boys

I have often stated to friends and family out loud that I just don't believe God would take me from this world before I have the opportunity to become a mommy. Now, I understand that I won't be coming a mommy anytime soon. I know that you have to be dating someone and that has to turn into marrying them and so on. And I also know that I'm no where near that and that is perfectly ok on most days. lol Luckily, I work with little ones everyday so I get my baby fix all the time. :)

But since I do work with little ones all day it gets me to thinking about my future children quite often.

I have ALWAYS said that I just don't think I could take it if I didn't have a baby girl. They're so precious and fun to dress and so on. That's why I found it so odd that every favorite child (I know you shouldn't have favorites but everyone does even if they don't admit it;) in each class is a little boy. I have just fallen in love with these little boys, they are so cute and so much fun. My momma was the first to point it out. She said, "You don't have any favorite little girls?" So I thought about it.... and I don't.

It got me to thinking about the fact that there really has to be this bond between mommy and son and daddy and daughter. I mean NOW I really just don't think I could take it if I don't have a baby boy. I love them. :) In fact, I have to have AT LEAST two baby boy's I've decided.

I can't explain it. It has just been so crazy how my point of view has changed so much since I started working at the preschool. My outlook is just so much different now that I'm working with them everyday.

Hmm.... really not much point to this post lol just that I've changed my mind and that I think baby boys are absolutely precious ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've Had 22 Years With The Greatest Woman I've Ever Known.

I have had 22 years with this woman above and even though through quite a few of those in the middle she probably wanted to slap me for talking back, rolling my eyes or lying about where I was once I got a license, she never did. She never slapped me. She never even yelled at me. Did she want to? Of course! lol But she was patient and kind and knew that it was just the stage of growing and learning that I was going through.

She has always had my best interest in mind from the very beginning. She would sacrifice everything and anything to make sure I was happy.

My mother is absolutely stunning and doesn't have a clue that she is. I want her to know that she's beautiful both inside and out. Believe me, there's a great heart to match that beautiful face.

She loved me when I was just a little tot running around the house getting into anything and everything.

She loved me when I screamed and cried when I got dirty outside. I was probably the only child known to man that hated getting dirty and she'd get me clean as fast as she could. She also loves me now that I love getting dirty outside when I'm riding four wheelers. She has even gone with me and gotten covered in mud herself (sorry about your phone Momma :) She even does all those icky dirty clothes after a big four wheeling ride... she hoses 'em down, washes 'em and has them ready for the next one by the time I make it home. She's such a sweetheart.

She loved me enough to make me watch from head to toe :) Where there was a pink outfit you can bet there was going to be a pink bow and pink socks. This went for any outfit, she always made me the cutest kid on the block.

And I love her enough to forgive her for this Halloween costume because she knows I didn't know any better when she put it on me! lol

I am so thankful to have you in my life momma. I adore the hours and hours of talking we do on the phone a week. I can't imagine my life without you. You are truly a blessing that God has given me and I thank him for you each day. Without you I would not be the woman I am today. You have shown me how to stand up for who you want to me, how to be proud of who you are and how to love like there is no tomorrow. I can't tell you enough how much you mean to me. I just want you to know that you never have to question my love for you, just like you have made it clear that I never have to question your love for me. I hope that you have the happiest mother's day.
I love you more than I can even explain!
Love your daughter,

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bithday Photos! (Better Late Than Never)

So there are many many birthday pictures below... there are many many more birthday pictures that I decided not to post because it was taking too long. With that said, here are some of my favorites from the big day, the day when I turned 22 years young.

Check out those grapes!!!!

Delaney Vineyard, Jen and I spent the morning at this adorable little vineyard in Grapevine. There was a huge festival that included the blessing of the vines, wine tasting, booths to buy stuff and tours of the vineyard. It was an excellent way to start off the day :)

Us with the gigantic grapes. Wonder how many bottles of wine those would make?

Just a few rows of the fruit that makes it all happen!

Wishing we could take a barrel home.

Our next stuff was historic downtown Grapevine. It was just about the most adorable place ever. We got very lucky, they were having a town festival that Saturday and every store was open and there were bands playing.

So... we're just walking along and BAM! A birthday bench just sitting there, just for me! It just happened to have lavender writing and match my dress, guess it was my day... no, literally, it was my day it was my birthday! lol

So, there was the cutest little cookie shop. You could get cookie gift baskets and bouquets....

We just got a cookie with some homemade vanilla on top, you really can't beat the original.

Katie, Me, Jen, Mitzi and Shellie at Martini Ranch enjoying some drinks.

Funness in front of our hotel... I think it's called a Pegasus.

This is a pic of the first martini of the night.

The Magnolia... our hotel.

Quick pic!

Yeah... Jen loved this martini!

Jen!!! Wake up we are in public!

(End of the night) She had a rough one.. needed some sleep.

My fun little morning after surprise. Poor poor red wagon.

Stole my flippin' radio! It's ok though Daddy got me a new one, it's way cooler! Take that thief!

Jen and I being super bummed about red wagon getting broken into...
So that's a little of my birthday album. Umm, yeah.... hope you enjoyed! lol

Weirdness? OCD? Who Knows?!

I'm not sure if what I'm about to describe is OCD or just plain weirdness. I call it OCD and have decided it's common. I have decided that everyone has some form of obsessive compulsive disorder/weirdness so why should I be any different?

I was out with the girls the other night in Uptown and the topic came up.

Everyone had something that fit into the "OCD" category. It's funny, after they tell you what it is, you notice them doing it all the time.

So you might be wondering, what are my OCD tendencies?

Well, on the top of the list might be sidewalks and any sewage contraption on the street. I hate them. And breaking a heel is the least of my problems.

I truly think that I might fall down into the sewage be carried down stream into nastiness and never be found again unless it's by disgusting vermin or the homeless. It also really scares me because I have this hear that I'm going to get caught as I'm falling down and break my leg into two pieces.

I really and truly cannot remember the last time I stepped on anything that might cause me to fall through a hole on the sidewalk... it's been years.

Sidewalks and I have an odd relationship. I also have a hard time stepping on the cracks. Someone really drilled that "Step on a crack and you'll break your momma's back!" thing into my head hardcore as a kid and I swear I took it to heart. This is something I'm not as OCD about though... it's hard to be when cracks are all over the place. I never step on them when I'm running in the park though. I actually think this is a blessing, it makes my stride much longer.

Clothes. Ugh. Clothes and I have a very odd relationship as well. And we have from a very very young age.

One word. SOCKS. I hate them. I've wanted them to be banished from earth since I was born and yet they're clearly still a part of people's/my life!

Before school when I was little I fought with socks every single morning.

Here is the problem. My toes must ALWAYS be moving! Socks, will not allow movement. In fact, they are made to do completely the opposite, they were made to confine toes. Who thought up this rubbish?! Toes are made to be free! They're made to roam about and wiggle around.

So yeah, socks.... socks and they're stupid seam at the toe completely made each morning as a child a living hell for me and my mother. We spent more time on finding the perfect "pair" of socks each morning than we did on anything else. Just because two socks came as a "pair" in a pack did not mean they were a "pair" for my feet. It was perfectly normal for me to be ok with one sock from the "pair" and hate it's mate. So we'd spend mornings looking for the sock's long lost mate that it had never even met. Each morning was spent with many many tears, screaming (mostly at socks) but sometimes at mom for not understanding the terror that I was going through. However, the morning always ended in finding a "pair" of socks that I could live with, but never a pair that was perfect.

I got dropped off at school at 8:00 and by 8:10 I already regretted my sock decision and wanted to scream. Yes, I was a weird child. I still have a hard time with socks although I have cut out the crying and screaming, the process is still quite the same.

Hangers. I think I might go crazy if all the hangers in my closet are not all plastic and white. And I think I'd have a complete meltdown if they weren't all facing the same way. All clothes must face the same way too. I can pick out a wrong hanger from a mile away. So please don't show me your closet of cleaner hangers, that would be cruel.

Grocery check out. I CANNOT just throw my grocery items on the counter in no particular order. I feel that groceries must be neatly placed on the conveyor belt in their own specific category. Most grocery items are placed into these groups: bread, eggs, fruits and veggies, cold stuff (dairy and frozen food), cold stuff (meats), can goods, dry goods (i.e. cereal, pasta) and then toiletries.

I take extra time to sort this out and make sure they are all in the right category. Why you ask? Because.... I'd throw a fit if I got home and the bread was crushed by a zucchini or the lettuce had chicken grossness all over it. These are things you have to think about because you can't count on a good bag boy these days. Plus, it just looks all neat and tidy on the counter :)

Alright, I hesitate to share anymore of my weirdness with you. In fact, I believe I have shared too much. I'm weird. I'm quirky. I'm different. I'm me.... in the best way possible. Deal with it or I'll push you down a sewage hole! :P

Friday, May 9, 2008

Chalk It Up!

Let me tell you what I think of when someone says the word "chalk".

Hopscotch (as pictured above) - I loved playing this game as a child. I don't remember the point of the game really I guess it's just bragging rights for whoever can do it fastest and right. The most fun was probably drawing it on the sidewalk.

Pool - You also use chalk in a game of pool.

Gymnastics - Gymnasts put chalk on their hands in order to keep from slipping off bars and breaking something useful.

Teachers - Probably the oldest use of chalk is on blackboards. That's what I would say it's primary use is for.

Alright, these things listed above are all things that naturally come to mind when someone says "chalk".

And these are also all things that do NOT come to mind when you are a three year old and you hear the word chalk. Nope, not even close. Let me tell you what does come to mind though.

Today we took two of the three year old classes out to play on the playground since it was a beautiful beautiful day. The other teacher, Rafaela brought out a bucket of sidewalk chalk and told the kids they could doodle on the sidewalk.

So that went well.... for like 3 minutes. I mean you can only write the first letter of your name and then what is "trying" to be the rest of your name but comes out like gibberish about 5 times and you're over it.

So they put their little brains to work. What can we do with this chalk besides draw on the sidewalk? Hmm.....

Well, here's what they came up with:
  • Coloring on plastic, which just builds up the amount of chalk on the plastic and uses the chalk up very very quickly. And what would they do after that? Well, sit on it of course. Not on accident, that was their master plan, to have pink, blue and green bottoms.

  • Use it as a bug killer. Yep, I can't tell you how the game got started. Well, I think one kid saw an ant and decided to use the end of her chalk to kill it, cuz in her words, "ants are stinky!" But apparently, her idea was a hit because the kids then took their chalk stick and went "bug hunting" to kill any critter that dare step foot on their play ground. Unfortunately, we just put out bug killer so the game ended quickly......Next idea...

  • Definitely color with your chalk on your hands and see who can make the better "chalk print" on the other kids clothes. Yes, the parents love picking up their children with chalk hand prints all over their child.

  • As makeup. I wish... oh how I wish I had a camera today. Clearly, chalk is made to go on the face because believe me, it goes on there very easily, but somehow does not come off as easy if it's left on there for more than about a minute. The most common look was blue chalk eyeshadow with a pink circle all the way around the face and just a tad of chalk lip gloss in the shade of purple. I seriously thought these parents were going to pick them up and wonder if they had been beat at school with all the blue and purple all over their faces.

Yeah.... with these kids, the possibilities with chalk are endless. I really think they could have played with it all day and never gotten bored.

It's so flippin' crazy how something so small, so cheap, so simple can really entertain a child. It makes me think that we really do take for granted the little things once we get older. Play with little ones all day and believe me your outlook will be much different because they have imaginations and they put 'em to work everyday. They also put me to work today, I'm absolutely exhausted, kids from 8 to 5, don't tell me it's not hard work!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Snip & Save

Alright, so in case you haven't noticed our economy is quite umm.... crappy right now. That's right, I said it, crappy! EVERYTHING has at least doubled in price over the last year or so. Everything that is, except your salary.

What to do... what to do....

Let me share a bit of wisdom (ironically I posted about my lack of wisdom just earlier this week lol). Like I said though, each day you live and learn. And since then, I've been livin and learnin.

Last night I was watching the news and can't believe the wonderful coupon and store savings knowledge that was bestowed upon me. I'm so flippin shocked what I didn't put it together before. It burns me up!

SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! That's what we have to do these days when you walk into a supermarket... well any market/store. But I'm gonna let you in on some secrets on how to save bagoodles in the supermarket. Perhaps you already know these "secrets", if so enlighten me and let me be joyful with my new found way to save!

Alright. Coupons. They are your BEST friend! Get the Sunday paper (Dallas Morning News) you can purchase it on Sunday but I wait til Monday to get mine, it's $.50 cheaper and I'm not a fan of Sunday grocery shopping anyway since every grocery store known to man is crowded on a Sunday afternoon. I'll pass thanks.

Your paper will also have all the grocery store circulars (I use Kroger's). Take that out of your paper, it will be needed.

Ok. You have your coupons, you have your circular and you are going to need a pair of scissors and something to keep your coupons in. Now you're ready to get started.

Cut all the coupons you need and/or want. Check your circular to see what's on sale. This is where the savings can get out right ridiculous, when you put the two together.

For example: You see that Kroger is having a sale on all General Mills cereals, this week they're 2 for $4 with your Kroger card. That's a deal in it's self, right? Yes, but you also have a coupon for General Mills cereals that is $1 off. So you just got two box's of yummy Lucky Charms/Cinnamon Toast Crunch/Cheerios for a $1.50 a box. Pretty sweet deal don't you think? How can those savings get any better? Is it even possible, why yes, it is. Check with your local super market, they will have double and triple coupon days. Now this stumped me. I had NO clue what this was even talking about?! My idea was that you got to use as many coupons as you wanted for the same thing ha ha. Of course that can't be right because then everything could be free. Well, actually double and triple coupon day means that they will double or triple the amount on your coupon that is taken off of your purchase. So, let's go back to our example of the cereal's. They're 2 for $4 and our coupon is $1 off but it's a double coupon day, so the coupon is now worth $2 off making the cereal's 2 for $2. But if it's a triple coupon day the coupon is worth $3 making the cereals .$50 a piece. Yes, that is quite the steal may I say.

The catch? You have to find out when your double and triple coupon days are. They aren't everyday of the week. Also, sometimes not all amounts off apply, it depends on your grocery store. Like it may say, "Triple coupons up to $.40." That means that they will only triple coupons worth $.40 or less. You have to catch these small things in order to save big.

Yes, I know... some of you think this post is crazy. I mean I'm 22 years old and writing about grocery savings, again (I have already posted about how to save money on meals previously). Well, it's never to early to learn the value of money, food and saving.

Honestly, it makes me feel so much better when I walk out of the grocery store and hold that receipt in my hand and see the amount that I saved by just taking a little time outta my day to clip coupons and look at deals.

Today's grocery store trip was very very successful :)
Price before coupons/Kroger card savings: $72.58
Price after coupons/Kroger card savings: $47.49
SAVINGS: $24.09

So I'm challenging YOU to go give it a try ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

They're Back!!!!

Alright, it's been 4 years since the ladies of "The City" have given us anything new. We haven't gotten any hope from the oh so full of faith Charlotte, no "Big" news from Carrie, no sarcasm and cynicism from Miranda, and definitely not any inappropriate talk of sexual acts from one Miss Samantha.

Well, ladies... the time has come to see what our four favorite ladies in NYC have been up to!

Sex & The City: The Movie opens in theaters on May 30th. So, this is what I propose:

GIRL'S NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

This is how I see the girl's night going. I guess I should back up, there are two girls nights if you'd like to come to both of them. On the 29th Miss Jen and I are going to rent the last season of Sex & The City and just rekindle our love for the four ladies of the city. You are more than welcome to join in on that night. Perhaps we'll make some good ole wedding cake martini's, afterall, I think there is a wedding in the works for Miss Carrie, we could start the celebration early. ;)

On the 30th, we are going to go to do a girl's dinner either in Athens or Tyler, that has not been decided yet. And after dinner we will be off to see the most talked about movie of the summer!!!

But.... there's a catch. Yep, isn't there always?! To spice things up a bit on this girl's night out we are asking that you wear an outfit that favors your favorite Sex & The City gal. ;) You don't have to do anything over the top such as, when Carrie wore the green skirt with the bunny tail attached (if you're a true fan, you know the episode lol) but, we'd like it if you added a little extra flare to your already trendy attire.

It's going to be the ultimate girls night out. So please, drop those no good boys or get up off your couch on a Friday night and get ready for a fun night with fun friends. :)

Please let me know if you are interested in being a part of the madness! We can't wait!

How To Gain Wisdom For 200 Please?!

I am all of 22 years young. I say 22 years young because that's what I am. Young, full of life...unlived, unlearned and unknown life.

Four years ago I was just about to graduate high school, move away and had every intention on never looking back. It was all so new. It was exciting to think that I would be living on my own. And that's all I saw when I looked down that road of independence. What else would I see? Bills? Responsibility? Jobs? Of course not, I was 18 and there's something so naive about an 18 year old. You want to be a part of this crazy grown up world and yet you have no clue what it means to be grown up.

Today, I'm 22 and know what it means to be responsible, to pay the bills, to have a job, to go to class even when you want to sleep, to put the important things before the others.

Sound like I'm starting to finally get it all together? Wrong. I'm still so far away. Far away from where I know I will one day be. I'm so far from wisdom.

There is a reason we think of the older generation when we hear the word "wise". Because they've been around a little longer than us, they've seen more, they've heard more, they've lived more. Insight, knowledge, judgment.... these are all things that aren't gained over night. Time, experience, mistakes, these are things that can get you to wisdom.

When I was home last weekend I was watching Oprah with my momma at the house. She had the cast of Sex & The City on to promote their new movie coming out this month (by the way I do believe a mass girl night is needed May 30th when the movie opens ;). Anywho, Oprah began talking to the ladies about life. And then she asked a question something like, "Did you know who you were in your 20's?"

Everyone of the women said, "NO! Absolutely not!" They said that their twenties were their learning decade. That you have absolutely no clue in your twenties and that maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. Maybe you're supposed to learn and make mistakes.

I thought about their answers and decided I liked them. It seemed more like a relief, it seemed like the answer I was looking for. Because it's so easy to feel so pressured to already know everything.... to know what you want, who you want and when you want it.

I'm here to say that some days I do know what I want and some days I'm absolutely positively clueless. I'm becoming ok with that. I'm young... very very young. I do not need all the answers right now. What I need is to go out and experience everything that I can. And the wisdom? Well, it'll come later. ;)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Simple Is Serene.

Simplicity : the state of being simple, uncomplicated, and uncompounded

Aww...yes... that sounds just lovely doesn't it? Uncomplicated. I love that thought, that "theory". But it's so absolutely and positively hard to do in our world today.

So I've decided, I want simple. I'm striving for simple in my life. Not exactly what you hear people today striving to get outta life is it?

Let me tell ya what kinda simple I want.

I want the simple love. The one where I love you and you love me and no one could ever get in the way of that.

I want the simple house. The small quaint old house that makes it absolutely impossible to escape family by wandering off to the entire other side of the house. I just simply want to make a house a home.

I want the simple car. I don't need to spend my entire years salary on a something that quite frankly just gets me from point A to point B.

I want simple leisure time. Gardens, picnics, family, friends, kites and swings... yep those are the things that can "simply" put a smile on your face. :)

Life, it isn't simple. It's absolutely complicated. So I'm going to simplify what I can control. I'm going to enjoy the simple things life offers me each day. You know, those things that get taken for granted by the complicated job, the complicated boy, the complicated decisions that stare you straight in the face and need an answer right away.

So step back every now and then. And enjoy the simplicity that life has to offer.

Playing Ketchup!

So of course lots and lots has happened in the last umm... four months of my life that has been undocumented.

Where to begin?

Well, I'm going to do a quick ketchup and then get back to writing posts that I'm itchin' to get out of me.

So...... I love my job still! I've grown so attached to my kids! Each day I'm with them I become more and more eager to make teaching my real profession (I'm also eager to make a little more money at what I'm doing lol). I've said this before but it's such a rewarding profession to be in. I'm currently around kids from 1 year of age to 5 years old, it just depends on the day and what classroom I'm put in. It's so wonderful to see all the changes children go through in just those 4 short years.

I've seen first steps, I've heard first words, I've been there when the first pair of shoe laces was tied successfully, I've heard the ABC's re-sited saying L-M-N-O-P instead of "elmentopede", which I heard quite often at the start of the kids school year! lol I've seen the making of friendships and the acts of kindness that come out of these children each day as they learn something new. Their little souls are so gentle, so kind and so eager to please... please you, please me, please themselves and each one is so utterly unaware of the awful things that happen in the world each day. They are my breath of fresh air in a world that is all to easy to suffocate in.

Yep, I love my job, I love my kids and I love that this is going to be my life forever. I feel all too lucky to be able to have picked this profession. I truly am grateful.

So that's what is going on in my job :) The rest of my life is normally quite the mess. Which I've decided it should be. I'm 22. I'm young. I'm clueless. But let me say I become less and less clueless each day that I live. I become more aware of what I want, who I am, who I will be, and what I stand for each day I awake. And that.... is all you can ask for, another day to learn, to live, to love, to mess up, make mistakes, and then make them right. So, that is what I have been doing the fast few months, living.

Monday, January 14, 2008

There's Nothing Like A Woman's Love

What is so special about the love of a woman? What isn't? I think that's a better question. A woman's love is pure.. it's deep.. it's unconditional... committed and completely unaware of any faults that her man has.

I began to think today about how a man's love for a woman is so much different than a woman's love for a man. It's not different in a bad way.. it's just different. A woman gives so much of herself to her man and asks for nothing more than his time and commitment to her.

I find it funny when guys say, "Yeah, those women just want all or nothing!" and they say it like it's a bad thing. I just don't think they realize what they will be getting in return when they do give her their all. You are gaining a person in your life that is going to love you no matter what, be there for you no matter what and never want anyone but you.

We've dreamed about loving "this man" the one we are going to marry for as long as we can remember. So once we find him we don't ask for much. (the good girls don't) All we want to do is love you forever, take care of you, and share our lives with you. So... I can't see what is so scary about that to a man...

I've come to find out with men it's more about the way you go about saying and wanting these things though than the things themselves. You can't be pushy.. you can't crowd them.. you can't rush them.. let them me, let them take their time.. which is another reason why I think that the love of a woman is so special.. we are by nature, patient. We will wait. Just don't make us wait too long.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's a New Year.. It's a New Chance.

First off, let me say that I have not been keeping up with my blog lately. I have been busy with school and work and quite frankly have just been too lazy to post. Oops! ;)

Well, I decided that with the New Year starting today, what better time to get you all up to speed on what's going on in my life and what I have been dealing with and looking forward to for this coming year.

Well, I finished my first semester of classes at UNT on the 12th of December and couldn't wait for the break to get here, it was much needed. Although, I am starting to look forward to this next semester, it only puts me closer and closer to graduation day and the beginning of my teaching.

The last time I posted about a job that I was supposed to start was at a swim school in Plano. Well, I ended up getting a call back from a pre-school right in Denton that was much more convenient for me. But that's just the half of why I decided to take the job. One, it's working with children. Two, it's a Christian pre-school, I love that I can teach children about the love of Christ everyday at school. Three, it just feels like where I needed to be. I have the greatest children in my life right now. I get to spend time with kids from one year of age to five and I love every minute of it. Who REALLY looks forward to going to work? Well, that's me now. I have just fallen in love with all my kids. :)

I have been spending a crazy amount of time at home and visiting all my friends and family, this is another blessing to having a job like I do. I get to be home so often. I really am blessed to have this job. So that's pretty much getting you a little up to speed on my life as of now, but what about where I'm going with my life? What about the goals I will be setting for myself for this New Year?

Well, I have to say that I am looking forward to 2008. I need it to be anything but 2007. I had a crazy whirlwind of a ride toward the end of it and just wish to put it all behind me, move on and enjoy what's headed my way.

The main thing I want to concentrate on this year is myself and my friends and family. I have said this before, but it is SO SO important to know yourself and be comfortable with who you are before you can be able to be that way with others. Although, I am on the right path and headed that direction I just pray that I stay headed that way and not lose myself and all of the progress that I have made in this last year or so. I also want to concentrate on my family and friends. It's something that so many people take for granted, including myself so I want to focus on putting my loved ones higher up on my priorities. I want to really listen when people talk and the biggest thing that I want to do in this New Year is to seek out others who need help and do all that I can to help them. I really am going to try to be as selfless as possible this year......

Hmm... I was thinking today about when I was younger and how I thought my life would be today. I was supposed to graduate college this year. That's not happening, instead I had to make it 2009. I always thought I'd be finishing school and engaged at the age I am now. It's so crazy to think of all the things you thought would be done in your life by now and they aren't. But, life doesn't work that way. You can't plan it. You can try, but in the end it's going to work out the way it wants to not the way you want it to. I can respect that now that I am older. I can respect that these things have not happened in my life yet because either I wasn't ready for them or there were and still are so many lessons to be learned in my life before I can move on to the next chapter.

What if I was married right now? How different would my life be? I can't imagine it, and I don't want to. You know why? Because I'm not ready for anything like that. God has not fully prepared me for that stage in my life and I'm just thankful that I haven't been tempted with that decision because I wouldn't want to make the wrong one. I do believe that things work out for themselves and the way they are supposed to. Who am I to put these time limits and dates on my life when there is no way in the world that I myself can ever meet these limits. So, this year... I'm living life, just living it... not worrying about these things that were "supposed" to already happen for me. Instead, I will continue to be thankful for the things, people and lessons that have already happened in my life. Afterall, I don't want to forget that the present is a gift.