Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy Busy!!!!


I'm busy.

Really flippin' busy. I've had no time to update really. Well, I have time I guess but it'd be cutting into my sleeping time and we all know I love my sleep.


I do plan to start up writing again soon.

Here are some subjects I hope to touch base on real soon.

  • Fun kid stories of course.
  • The awful truth about people in this world... half of them anyway.
  • Homemade cleaning products and my efforts to green up my life.
  • Organization.
  • Beautiful Boy and Tweak (The new books I'm reading)
  • Newly discovered beautiful music.
  • (a tragically beautiful story)
  • Blackberry! Yum! (The phone that is)
  • The wonderful truth about people in this world... the other half of them.
  • Kill 'em with kindness and love ;)

Ok ok so I have a lot of stuff I really want to touch base on. And I do have every intention of getting to it. Be patient and encouraging. I'm just so busy working with my little angels everyday that I'm completely exhausted each evening.

Check back soon loves!

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