Thursday, June 19, 2008

Confession To Addiction

Hi. My name's Tori and I'm a starbucks-aholic.

I'm making my addiction known to the outside world... yes, I'm no longer in denial. But I'm currently refusing to do anything about it.

I have some sort of coffee heaven each morning before heading to work. So by 7:15 a.m. I've been pumped full of caffeine and I'm ready for what the day has ahead. (screaming, loving, full of spunk kids)

So today was like any other usual morning. I woke up, got dressed and headed to the Kroger Starbucks (I go so that I can use my Kroger card and get free Starbucks stuff!) Anyway, I had my usual morning fix. But this evening I did the unthinkable..... I had ANOTHER Starbucks! I didn't want to but I couldn't not, I went to B&N and it's just what you do, sip coffee and read.

I really felt the need to confess my addiction because it reached new heights today.

Interesting things that I have come to realize about Starbucks..... The barista's are ALWAYS excited to see you when you walk in the door. It's actually quite nice to have someone to wish you a wonderful day after handing you a piece of heaven. I mean they're not even mad that they're giving away this piece of heaven, in fact, they're happy to hand it over.The music is always something delightful, calming, and relaxing.The drinks are always made just perfect. And if they're not they make you another one and/or give you a free coupon for the next time you come in. They're always about making the customer happy. (I'm always happy, so their doing their job.)They are just as excited as I am about saving the world and going green!They sell my milk. Horizon's Organic Chocolate milk.So my list could go on and on..... I mean Starbucks has much awesomeness to offer.Point of blog: I love Starbucks. I'm addicted. I'm proud. And it's probably going to break me. Between coffee and gas I'm going to need financial support very very soon.

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HeatherDCastleberry said...

I love you and I love reading your blogs! I need to get back on the bandwagon! :) Love you!