Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Long Time Coming.

Canton, TX  Photo by Me

I feel like we've been on quite the roller coaster ride as we searched for a place to call home these past few months. Daniel and I often joked that our decision on where to live changed just as much as we changed our underpants.

We explored almost every possible place we could think of. Some nights we'd sit down to dinner and say, "Let's just forget it all. Give away all of our things, move to the beach and find work when we get there." Other times, we'd think we were crazy and we should just 'tough it out' in Dallas for the next few years. We wouldn't have to worry about all the stress that comes with 'new'.

The hearts a funny thing though. It knows where it will be happy. And both of ours have been screaming for the past year that it just wasn't in DFW. We do have a lot to be thankful for though. And if I'm being real, I'm even thankful for Dallas. It will always be the first place my new husband and I called home.

But.....there is just something about East Texas. It can't be explained really except that it's home.

About a month ago a few opportunities came our way and through a long process we have been blessed with the option to be close to home.

Canton, TX. It's just a little over 20 miles from Athens (our hometown) and it's where we now call home. A couple of months or so ago we made the announcement to our family and close friends that we'd be moving to Tyler, TX but there were some changes and we couldn't be happier to call Canton home.

When we found out we would be moving to a small town I instantly thought of my friend Erin's post about a year ago. Unlike Erin, Daniel and I are from a small town so we do know what to expect I guess, but I think initially it will be much different. We too will be living in a town without a Starbucks, Target or Jason's Deli within about a 25 mile radius of us. And you know what, I don't think I'll mind.

We've talked a lot of what we will be gaining instead of giving up. Small towns offer community. A place where people watch out for each other. A place where walking into a restaurant or store means you WILL see someone you know. A small town allows us to be close to home instead of across town for work. A small town gives support. For us, it is a place for us and our (distant) future family to enjoy the simple things and appreciate them.

Canton has a population of about 3,500 people and has just grown by two.

The few weeks before we left Dallas I had been having a hard time sleeping at night and was having a hard time pin-pointing what it was that was suddenly waking me up in the middle of the night. My heart was anxious and nervous. All those feelings were instantly taken away though as we pulled into Canton knowing it was going to be our home. I suddenly felt relief and my heart was overwhelmed with the feeling of home.

I'd be lying if I didn't say the whole moving thing hadn't made me a little emotional. I find myself driving or sitting outside on the front porch and becoming extremely appreciative for everything and shedding a few tears of pure joy. It's true. You can't appreciate home until you have left.

So as we start this new life journey there is one main thing we will be working on and looking for. And this is simplicity. We want to work to live, not live to work. Enjoy all the time we possibly can together and with our family and friends. We want to make a difference in the place we call home.

Stay tuned for my next posts...

Our new home. :)
Living in a small town again.

I'm sure you may have noticed a difference in the blog name and style change. I think Victoria-ville was quite outdated since I've been living in O'Neal-ville for almost a year now. ;) Daniel and I are going to do our best to document all of our DIY renovations on the home we bought and are looking forward to sharing this home journey!