Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Umm 25 Random Things (Facebook Inspired)

Everywhere I turn in cyberworld I see this 25 random things 'thing' and I feel that I must conform... so... here are some randoms about myself.

1) I talk to my Momma and Daddy everyday. Usually, more than once a day. I just can't make it without those two looney's.

2) I value anytime that I get with my Mimi :)

3) I drink a DanActive every morning to keep my immune system up.

4) I have a 'blankie' lol. Yep, I'm almost 23 yrs. old and I have to have it at night or it's hard to sleep.

5) I don't like touching the lettuce in the produce aisle (Mitzi knows).

6) When I wake up every morning I watch the 6'0 clock news and then the Today show. I've become quite addicted to the news. I check it on my Blackberry all throughout the day.

7) I can cry VERY easily. I let a lot touch my heart and I'm not ashamed.

8) With that said, I can be a hard ass. Both of which I get from my Daddy.

9) I'm learning to lighten up.

10) I'm ready to have my own house, my own garden and have on a big floppy hat on while I'm outside tending it.

11) I drink a cup of tea while I watch Sex & the City at night.

12) I'm terrible at turbo-kickboxing.

13) I adore my kiddos at work. They help make my life wonderful.

14) I have two weaknesses. Starbucks. Mini-chocolate bars.

15) I sometimes break out in Pilate's randomly on my living room floor.

16) I love free-hand drawing but rarely get the time to do it.

17) I love my planner and how it looks like a mess at the end of each week, it means my life isn't.

18) I'm a sucker for a fountain cherry coke.

19) I REALLY so so badly want to become more charitable with my money and time.

20) I believe in soul mates but I believe it's rare that people find them, which makes it all the more perfect if you do.

21) I have two besties. One of which is just like me. The other, completely opposite.

22) I pop my toes a lot.

23) A perfect Sunday for me is sitting at home with the windows opened, listening to old country loud and cleaning and dancing.

24) I love editing photos and so badly want to better my knowledge of photography.

25) I won't date/marry a man my parents don't like.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm currently at the computer lab in the art building doing this update.

In short, my laptop sent me a mean message that said, "Invalid battery" and wouldn't let me do anything on it. :(

So, since I need it desperately for school my Daddy sent me his to use.

And when it got here.... the wireless card had gone out. :(

So until I get a new wireless card through the warranty I'm computer less and have to come to school to "compute".

And while I'm "computing" at school it's normally just for school, no leisure time.

So that's the lack of posts story THIS time. lol

I really am ready to get back on here and update my entire blog :)