Thursday, June 19, 2008

Confession To Addiction

Hi. My name's Tori and I'm a starbucks-aholic.

I'm making my addiction known to the outside world... yes, I'm no longer in denial. But I'm currently refusing to do anything about it.

I have some sort of coffee heaven each morning before heading to work. So by 7:15 a.m. I've been pumped full of caffeine and I'm ready for what the day has ahead. (screaming, loving, full of spunk kids)

So today was like any other usual morning. I woke up, got dressed and headed to the Kroger Starbucks (I go so that I can use my Kroger card and get free Starbucks stuff!) Anyway, I had my usual morning fix. But this evening I did the unthinkable..... I had ANOTHER Starbucks! I didn't want to but I couldn't not, I went to B&N and it's just what you do, sip coffee and read.

I really felt the need to confess my addiction because it reached new heights today.

Interesting things that I have come to realize about Starbucks..... The barista's are ALWAYS excited to see you when you walk in the door. It's actually quite nice to have someone to wish you a wonderful day after handing you a piece of heaven. I mean they're not even mad that they're giving away this piece of heaven, in fact, they're happy to hand it over.The music is always something delightful, calming, and relaxing.The drinks are always made just perfect. And if they're not they make you another one and/or give you a free coupon for the next time you come in. They're always about making the customer happy. (I'm always happy, so their doing their job.)They are just as excited as I am about saving the world and going green!They sell my milk. Horizon's Organic Chocolate milk.So my list could go on and on..... I mean Starbucks has much awesomeness to offer.Point of blog: I love Starbucks. I'm addicted. I'm proud. And it's probably going to break me. Between coffee and gas I'm going to need financial support very very soon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy Busy!!!!


I'm busy.

Really flippin' busy. I've had no time to update really. Well, I have time I guess but it'd be cutting into my sleeping time and we all know I love my sleep.


I do plan to start up writing again soon.

Here are some subjects I hope to touch base on real soon.

  • Fun kid stories of course.
  • The awful truth about people in this world... half of them anyway.
  • Homemade cleaning products and my efforts to green up my life.
  • Organization.
  • Beautiful Boy and Tweak (The new books I'm reading)
  • Newly discovered beautiful music.
  • (a tragically beautiful story)
  • Blackberry! Yum! (The phone that is)
  • The wonderful truth about people in this world... the other half of them.
  • Kill 'em with kindness and love ;)

Ok ok so I have a lot of stuff I really want to touch base on. And I do have every intention of getting to it. Be patient and encouraging. I'm just so busy working with my little angels everyday that I'm completely exhausted each evening.

Check back soon loves!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green!

One of my favorite things to do is walk into a book store pick out a big stack of books, find a quiet spot and sit there for hours taking in all I can.

So naturally, I love Barnes & Noble.

Who wouldn't?

It's like the flippin' library with a better selection of books, the option of coffee and great music. (I love listing to the music they have playing, it's always someone unknown.)

So Jen and I took a drive to Firewheel about two weeks ago and spent a few hours in their B&N .

I can't help but always go to books on raising, teaching or nurturing children. It's my passion therefore I love reading as much as I possibly can so that I'm as prepared as possible for teaching..... and of course YEARS from now, motherhood.

So just like any other day I made my way to the "childcare" section of the store and started picking books off the shelf when I saw a book titled Growing Up Green. Now let me just tell you this is like the godfather of all books for me.

It's about kids.

It's about the environment.

It's about putting the two together.

This was most definitely my cup of tea.

WOW! WOW! WOW! And I only read the first few chapters. Not only is this book enlightening it's kind of scary. I say scary because we are exposed to so many chemicals and toxins every day without even knowing it which means children are as well.

The scariest part for me was that your unborn children are exposed to these chemicals and toxins. EeeKKK!!! Everyday things can be harming your child that isn't even born. Some chemicals even had a 50% greater chance of your child developing cancer and certain diseases.

Isn't that horrific?

I got to thinking about if you can REALLY ever be prepared to be a mommy...

Reading the first few chapters out of this book I felt completely overwhelmed. I felt like I couldn't be prepared to have a child if I had years of nothing but time to conduct studies on environmental hazards.

I do plan on going back and buying this very enlightening book. But I think I might read it quite slowly, take it all in.