Monday, September 12, 2011

Church Fail

So Daniel and I have been searching for a church home in the Dallas area now that we are all settled and that task has proved to be quite difficult. Perhaps it's because we attended the best church in the world, Cross Timbers in Denton. Boy do I feel dumb for not going absolutely EVERY Sunday no matter what and getting even more involved.

The church we tried last week reminded us a lot of church back home. Spending a lot of time talking about how you must be saved and how to prepare for life after this world. I know this is a big part of it. But when you already are saved you're ready to go out and help others. It was also the way the sermon was presented. We also went to the early service and might perhaps try the contemporary service and give it another go.

This weekend we tried another church. One that I had attended once years ago when I first moved to Denton. From the moment we stepped in the door I felt overwhelmed and got a sick feeling in my tummy. We found our seats in the 'ampitheater' I felt like I was at an opera house or a concert hall. And I could have been ok with that but I just felt uncomfortable. The worship began. Which is something I always look forward to. Then the singer belted out a Christina Aguilera song. I'm all about contemporary service and music but come on. Once the song was over the lead pastor stepped on stage and began to talk. Something about him just gave me a bad feeling in my gut. Another song started up and about halfway through I looked at Daniel with a wrinkled nose and my 'this is painful' face. He did the ole head turn to the door. I did a head nod 'yes' and we walked out before the worship was even over. As we walked through the doors Daniel said, "Thank you." And I said, "No problem. Sorry for making you dress up for nothing."

Maybe some will say we judged this church too soon and that we should have stuck it out. But our gut feeling was that we had to get out as soon as possible and an hour later would have been too long.

So our search continues for a 'Cross Timber-esque' church.

If you are currently at a church you love or know of one in the Dallas area, we'll take all the help we can get. :)