Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Umm 25 Random Things (Facebook Inspired)

Everywhere I turn in cyberworld I see this 25 random things 'thing' and I feel that I must conform... so... here are some randoms about myself.

1) I talk to my Momma and Daddy everyday. Usually, more than once a day. I just can't make it without those two looney's.

2) I value anytime that I get with my Mimi :)

3) I drink a DanActive every morning to keep my immune system up.

4) I have a 'blankie' lol. Yep, I'm almost 23 yrs. old and I have to have it at night or it's hard to sleep.

5) I don't like touching the lettuce in the produce aisle (Mitzi knows).

6) When I wake up every morning I watch the 6'0 clock news and then the Today show. I've become quite addicted to the news. I check it on my Blackberry all throughout the day.

7) I can cry VERY easily. I let a lot touch my heart and I'm not ashamed.

8) With that said, I can be a hard ass. Both of which I get from my Daddy.

9) I'm learning to lighten up.

10) I'm ready to have my own house, my own garden and have on a big floppy hat on while I'm outside tending it.

11) I drink a cup of tea while I watch Sex & the City at night.

12) I'm terrible at turbo-kickboxing.

13) I adore my kiddos at work. They help make my life wonderful.

14) I have two weaknesses. Starbucks. Mini-chocolate bars.

15) I sometimes break out in Pilate's randomly on my living room floor.

16) I love free-hand drawing but rarely get the time to do it.

17) I love my planner and how it looks like a mess at the end of each week, it means my life isn't.

18) I'm a sucker for a fountain cherry coke.

19) I REALLY so so badly want to become more charitable with my money and time.

20) I believe in soul mates but I believe it's rare that people find them, which makes it all the more perfect if you do.

21) I have two besties. One of which is just like me. The other, completely opposite.

22) I pop my toes a lot.

23) A perfect Sunday for me is sitting at home with the windows opened, listening to old country loud and cleaning and dancing.

24) I love editing photos and so badly want to better my knowledge of photography.

25) I won't date/marry a man my parents don't like.

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