Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bithday Photos! (Better Late Than Never)

So there are many many birthday pictures below... there are many many more birthday pictures that I decided not to post because it was taking too long. With that said, here are some of my favorites from the big day, the day when I turned 22 years young.

Check out those grapes!!!!

Delaney Vineyard, Jen and I spent the morning at this adorable little vineyard in Grapevine. There was a huge festival that included the blessing of the vines, wine tasting, booths to buy stuff and tours of the vineyard. It was an excellent way to start off the day :)

Us with the gigantic grapes. Wonder how many bottles of wine those would make?

Just a few rows of the fruit that makes it all happen!

Wishing we could take a barrel home.

Our next stuff was historic downtown Grapevine. It was just about the most adorable place ever. We got very lucky, they were having a town festival that Saturday and every store was open and there were bands playing.

So... we're just walking along and BAM! A birthday bench just sitting there, just for me! It just happened to have lavender writing and match my dress, guess it was my day... no, literally, it was my day it was my birthday! lol

So, there was the cutest little cookie shop. You could get cookie gift baskets and bouquets....

We just got a cookie with some homemade vanilla on top, you really can't beat the original.

Katie, Me, Jen, Mitzi and Shellie at Martini Ranch enjoying some drinks.

Funness in front of our hotel... I think it's called a Pegasus.

This is a pic of the first martini of the night.

The Magnolia... our hotel.

Quick pic!

Yeah... Jen loved this martini!

Jen!!! Wake up we are in public!

(End of the night) She had a rough one.. needed some sleep.

My fun little morning after surprise. Poor poor red wagon.

Stole my flippin' radio! It's ok though Daddy got me a new one, it's way cooler! Take that thief!

Jen and I being super bummed about red wagon getting broken into...
So that's a little of my birthday album. Umm, yeah.... hope you enjoyed! lol

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