Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Oh how I wish I could legally put pictures of my kids on this blog. Unfortunately, they aren't technically mine.

So this picture of a little duck will have to do for this little story. :)

So as you know my kids are two. Well, just turned two or turning two in like a month. So even I think of them as still babies sometimes.

That's why they surprise me.

So you might think that it's next to impossible to get my kids to form a line, hush their mouths and not touch each other when we walk places.

It is.

Instead we say "grab a friends hand."

At least if they are holding a friends hand they are in a horizontal line. Who cares which way the lines goes as long as they are linked together.

Now talking is another story. They love to jibber jabber.

That's why I found it so adorable today when my little ones were walking to gym class that one of my kids had his hands behind his back and his cheeks were poofed out real big. ;)

I said, "Silly man, whatcha doing?"

He said, "Buck-ales -n- ubbles Tordi."

I said, "Oh I'm sorry you're doing duck-tails and bubbles?"

He said, "Yeah, shhhhhh!"

HA HA One out of six isn't bad. It's not good either.

There's always tomorrow.

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