Sunday, September 14, 2008

Typical Two's.

So it's typical in my day of work to have at least one kid spill their cup of water or at the very least play in it.

You know put their cheez-its or animal crackers in it.

Blow bubbles in it.

Throw it on their friends and make them cry.

Dump it on the floor because they got up from the table with their cup and forgot it was in their hand when they started playing.

This of course forces Miss Tori to use bagoodles of paper towels to clean up the floor/table/chairs area.

Miss "Green" Tori.

Sometimes I want to sit them down and give them a good talkin' to about the environment. Instead I have to say, "Sweets, please don't play in your water or you will have to throw it in the trash can."

But I have thought about what I would say in my environmental speech to two year old's.

Here go's.......

"Children. What you make Miss Tori do everyday at snack time is not environmentally friendly. You make Miss Tori be a big fat tree killer! Is that what you really want? Do you want me to kill trees? Miss Tori doesn't even use paper towels in her own home. It makes me so so sad that you spill your water all over the table, floors and friends. (insert frowny face here) Now please contain your urge to take the ever precious water that I give you daily at snack and play in it. After all, not all of your fellow toddler buddies around the world are lucky enough to get water everyday of their life, especially clean water. Now did ya think about that, did ya? I didn't think so."

In my head they say, "Yay Miss Tori! Me no spill water! Me love trees!"

In real life it would probably end in all cups of water being thrown at each other and then an nsync giggle on their part.

It's also quite typical for me to stand in the middle of the classroom saying, "Please use your walking feet in the classroom or you WILL sit in think about it!" (Think about it = time out)

Think about it normally means once I sit them down so that they can think about their actions they end up crying, screaming or hitting.

So naturally I hate think about it.

But it's normally where a few of my kids live each afternoon.

Typically, one of my kids is going to need a band-aid, boo-boo bag or hugs and kisses before the day is out. I usually pray everyday that they will only need hugs and kisses because that's more fun than band-aids and boo-boo bags.

So with all the "typical-ness" you might be thinking these kids are bad.

These kids are a handful.

But.... these kids, are two.

And they are anything but terrible, they're terrific :)

Because also on a typical day I get more hugs than I can count.

I get to hear precious little voices say, "Kisses Tordi." (wanting to kiss my cheek)

I get to see them get so excited to play with their friends after they wake up from nap.

I get to see them share their toys, occasionally. ;)

I get to hear "Horsey say neigh Tori, horsey say neigh!" in their most energetic voice.

I get to have little bodies curl up in my lap and say, "Read Tordi, read."

I get to be the one that they want to pick them up when they're hurt, sad or just wanting someone to hold them. I love their little heads on my shoulder.

I love that all these things are also typical in my day of work.

I love my little loves and love how much they light up my everyday life by just being typically two.

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Heather said...

Aww. :) So, so sweet! I love your stories!