Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Snow Perfect!

I just thought I'd stop in to show those of you who are snowless that we definitely aren't here.

These photos are from about 12 this afternoon at my apartment and we were already at almost 6 inches then.

I'll have to update soon about the actual snowfall for the day when it stops which is around 12 midnight.

It's been a great day.

I loved waking up to the snow and drinking my coffee and watching it outside.

We don't get to see this much snow too often around here (since 1978 to be exact, that's what the weather man said anyway).

So I've loved having the day off to get to play in it and just marvel at all the wonderful beauty that God creates.

I'm off again tomorrow! Yay!!!!!

For now, I must go, time to play! :)

Have fun and stay safe....are warm!



Mitzi said...

Hi my little eskimo! It sounds like you had fun today! Miss you!!!

DASH Photography said...

You are so cute! These pictures are great!

Erin said...

Your pictures are missing something..


I wish I was there to help you frolick in the snow. How fun!