Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not long ago... about 8 months to be exact, I looked a little something like this.

But now the tan lines that were once there have almost entirely faded and left me looking like this...

White as snow...almost literally.

So I was just wondering when is this "Hi, I'm Winter. And I snow almost every week now." stuff going to leave.

Umm, there's a reason why we live in Texas.

We don't like cold.

We do like 75 degree Christmas'.

We do like laying out by the pool in early March.

We do like shorts in February.

And we most certainly like being outside in some beautiful Texas weather around here.

So Mother Nature best lay off with the cold and Father Time better kick into high gear cuz we're ready for some Spring.

We Texas girls are over it.

Bring out the sweet tea, swimwear and sunscreen, we're ready!

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