Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not Worth It!

So I've been known to be a coffee-aholic and since I've been watching my weight I've practically given up Starbucks (well, I still make it every morning but I rarely go to the actual store anymore). That is definitely a HUGE accomplishment if you know me.

Since I don't go to Starbucks anymore I now drink two perfect cups of coffee EVERY morning. And today started off no different....

Woke up fixed my cup of coffee and got dressed so I could go to my kiddos late Valentine's Day party.

I looked at the time and realized I would be running seriously late if I didn't kick it in high gear so I decided I'd hold off on the second cup of coffee until I left and could put it in my 'Princess of the Go' mug. (Thanks Daddy!:)

So I was ready to get everything and head out the door.

Princess on the Go cup nowhere to be found.....

I should have known then that this was going to end badly.

Fine, no mug. I'll just use a regular coffee cup. I HAVE TO HAVE THAT SECOND CUP OF COFFEE!!!

Grabbed bag #1. (purse)

Grabbed bag #2. (bananas for kids and baked goods for teachers)

Grabbed bag #3. (laptop)

Grabbed big box of kiddos goodie bags.

Grabbed keys.

And of course I grabbed my delightful cup of coffee.

Somehow maneuver out the door with ALL that, get down the first flight of stairs and realize 'I forgot my phone,****! (insert four letter curse word, in my head of course;)

Back up the stairs.

Put everything down and search and search for my phone.

Great, it's in my purse. UGH!

Down the stairs again.

Get to the bottom of them and drop my keys.

I have no free hands so I kick them all the way across the parking lot.

As I'm kicking I start to think about how I'm so glad that all these bags haven't fallen off my shoulders.

Then they do.

And SPILL my PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE all over me!!!!

I learned a lot of lessons here. But the main one, no matter how much you want something, if it doesn't fit....it doesn't fit.

I will remember that the next time I decide to carry 20lbs. of stuff down two flights of stairs and insist on a full hot uncovered cup of coffee.

It really is kinda funny. ;)

But the kids party went well once I made it there.

Here a few pics of the cute little goodie bags I made for them.

They had such a great time.

Hope everyone else's Tuesday was full of happiness! :)


Erin said...

Spilt coffee = complete devastation.

But look at you- such a sweet teacher making precious gifts for the little ones! Just one of the many reasons I love you lady!

Heather said...

My favorite part? Kicking your keys across the parking lot. Priceless. So something I would do. :)

I love your sweet goodie bags! So cute!