Thursday, January 6, 2011

Packin' Up.

Well, over the holiday's Daniel and I had a lot of firsts. Our first Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's with each other and our families. We really enjoyed every second of it. I wish I would have captured more pictures of our first holiday season together, but I was too busy loving every minute of it.

In the midst of the crazy holiday's Daniel and I packed up all of his things from Austin and moved him to Dallas.

Before I met Daniel I had been pondering my next move to be Austin once my lease was up in June. So naturally when we met it seemed perfect that he already lived there.

But as more time passed and we talked more about the things that were important to us, like our families and more time together, the plan changed.

Since we are both from Athens (although we didn't really know each other until September) and both of our families still live there, it just didn't make sense for us to be far away from our families. Austin would be almost 4 hours away and Dallas in less than 2.

Daniel began to really look into whether or not it would be possible for him to transfer to his company's office in Dallas or not in October sometime. After much anticipation his job said that they could transfer him by the first of the year.

He put his apartment on Craigslist and it was sublet in just a few short days.

So we packed up his things and moved him north last weekend. :)

We are very happy with our decision to get him up here sooner rather than later. Another 6 months of long distance could have been done but if we could help it why not do something about it.

So last night we cooked dinner...ON A WEDNESDAY NIGHT! And couldn't have felt more excited, blessed and ready for more weekday dinners :)

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