Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Few Engagements...or 20

I can't say thanks to our photographer Brynne Owen enough for the moments she captured of Daniel and I.

Daniel and I had been going a little back and forth before our engagement shoot. When I told him we were having engagement pictures taken he said, "Oh the one for the newspaper." I said, "Yes."

About a week passed and I told him a few ideas I had about our pictures and I was trying to decide which outfits to wear. He said, "Outfits. I thought we were only taking one picture."

I realized I might should have explained things a little better.

But after he got over the initial shock that it wasn't just one picture we started looking at other engagement pictures online. We decided that we didn't want pictures that looked exactly like everyone elses. Daniel was more worried about this than I was I think. But after doing lots of looking and thinking about what it is we wanted out of our photos, we talked with our amazing photographer and she said it all sounded great!

And here are a few (like 20) of my favorites.... ;)

 We shot the bus pictures at Daniel's grandpa's land. Daniel's grandpa passed away a few years back but I think it's a fun way to let a piece of him live on. Daniel and his brothers along with cousins used to play in this bus when they were kids. I also learned that when it snowed the whole family would go sledding on the hood of this bus because they could all fit while someone pulled them behind a truck. Such fun memories! I'm glad we can always have a piece of that hanging in our living room.

Like I said, we wanted something different and we wanted something fun. We knew that a lot of pictures are posed which still come out as gorgeous pictures but we also wanted something a little more candid. Something to capture our true smiles, laughter and happiness that we get to see on each other everyday. I'm in love with a man that makes my heart jump everyday that I'm with him. I'm in love with a man that makes me want to shout out how wonderful it feels to be in love. And I'm in love with a man who feels exactly the same way about me, and we want the world to see how great it is to love one another unconditionally. And how you're never to old to have.....a water balloon fight. ;)

Thanks again to our photographer Brynne, we can't wait to have you capture the rest of our wedding journey. Another thanks to our parents for all their help as well, we couldn't do it without you guys!


Erin Gandy said...

Beautiful! Love you so much!

KatieOH said...

These look great!

Erin said...

LOVE!!! Absolutely impossible to pick a favorite!

Victoria :) said...

Thanks girls! We had a blast ;)