Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something's Missing

It just isn't enough.

I just don't do enough.

There's too much time on my hands.

And believe my there's a fine line between ME TIME and TOO MUCH ME TIME.

And by too much me time, I mean that I feel selfish for not giving my time and my good fortune to others.

I have been undoubtedly blessed with the greatest family and friends. And I've been fortunate enough to not ever have to worry about a thing.

I can't imagine the burden that is put upon others every day for the basic necessities in life.

I have never had to worry about a roof over my head.

Food on the table.

Clothes on my back.

Gas in my vehicle.

Medicine when I'm sick.

And because of that I feel like I've taken them for granted a little.

But I will no longer.

They're all extremely important and so many people in this world do without them each day.

I can't stand it. The thought of people worrying about these things, these basic things.

How do you get to enjoy the greater things in life like...





Can you? Can you fully enjoy these relationships to their potential if your mind is constantly on something else?

So I have decided that I NEED to put some people's mind at ease. I need to give. Often. Everyday if possible.

So I'm doing a search for ways to donate and volunteer in the Denton area. Any suggestions on places and people that you know please e-mail me.


Erin Gandy said...

Just keep feeding me if it makes you feel better! :) You are the BESTEST friend EVER!!!! And yes, this is me still procrastinating at 12:30am.

Victoria :) said...

I love it. Well, I hate that you are STILL working on your project but love that you are just like me when it comes to big projects that I've known about forever!!! lol Hope it goes well! :)