Wednesday, April 15, 2009



It passes.

It doesn't wait for you to get your act together.

It doesn't wait for you to make the right choices in your life.

It doesn't stop, rewind, and say try that one again.

It's just continuously on the go, not looking back.

A good friend of mine who passed away, once said, "Timing is the key life offers most."

I remember not thinking twice about that statement when it was mumbled three years ago.

I just thought... that's has way more to offer you than time.

And I still think it does but I see time and timing as much more of a factor now.

Sometimes time puts a huge smile on my face because it brought me something I wasn't expecting.

Other times I want to curse time for the things I feel it has taken away from me. Sometimes I just feel bitter towards time.

I feel like my life is controlled by time.

It tells me when I need to wake up.

It tells me when I need to turn something in for school or go to work.

It makes me feel like less when I haven't accomplished something on time yet makes me feel like more when I'm punctual.

It makes me hurt when it takes someone from me because it was "their time."

It makes me smile when it's almost two o'clock on a weekday and I know it's time to see six smiling faces.

But mostly time just makes me curious.

It has my past, controls my present and holds my future.

So I'm curious, what will time bring to me in the future, and when?

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