Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Green Tip

And the tip of the week is.....

Check the ingredients in your laundry detergent. (which may not be on the container)


Because most liquid detergents are petroleum based instead of vegetable oil based. Which means that we use over 200,000 barrels of oil a year on laundry detergent alone!

And what could we do with that much oil instead?

Heat and cool over 11,000 homes a year.

You're getting charged an outrageous amount of money per year for laundry detergent that isn't eco-friendly.

A few brands that make great eco-friendly detergents are Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer's

I've used both brands cleaning products before I began making my own and they are both really great.

I enjoy making my own laundry soap for a few reasons.....

1) I know everything that goes in it.
2) It's much cheaper in the long run.
3) I can make my own scent.

If you are up for it, here's the recipe :)

2 cups washing soda (found on the detergent isle at grocery store)
2 cups of scented baking soda (add in your favorite essential oil (5-8 drops) I love lavender!)
1 bar of grated Ivory soap
1 cup of Borax

I use 1/4 cup per each large load of laundry

I normally double this recipe and it lasts me a really long time.

I also bought a really adorable HUGE Mason jar at Michael's, it's perfect to store the detergent in :)

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