Thursday, March 12, 2009

And So It Starts...

Spring Break is officially here and I'm currently packin' up and headin' home.

I'm in need of a break and if I had to attend school for just one more day without one I just know that I would have dropped out.

This is probably why Spring Break was invented. Otherwise, there would be to many people in this world that had flunked out back in kindergarten.

So, to Athens it is for a day.

Then Austin, Tx for three.

Jenanabelle and I will be spending time relaxing and getting pampered in the milk & honey spa all Saturday. I'm expecting it to be the highlight of my year so far. That doesn't say much for my year but it does say how badly I need to lay around and do nothing.

So my Spring Break this year consists of lots of pampering, shopping, and of course some partying/night life in Austin.

This will in no way be like my Freshman/Sophomore years of college where it was a week long party in South Padre.

No no, I've gotten too old for that.

Not like I've gotten too old that it's no longer appropriate.

More like I've gotten too old and my body can't handle a week long drunken party on the beach anymore.

Which is just as well I guess. At least I won't need a vacation from my vacation, which was always the case.

So I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break '09! I will try to keep you updated with fun tales along the way.

Also, if you're sad because you have a big girl/big boy job and Spring Break no longer exists for you then I'd like to say I know my day is coming soon, but luckily not as soon as yours. ;)

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