Thursday, October 22, 2009

Silly Kids

It's been a while since I've posted any funnies about my ever so adorable and sometimes monstrous children at work.

So long in fact that I'm no longer their 2 year old teacher but I am now their 3 year old teacher. I've been with these munchkins since they were one, it's absolutely unbelievable.

As usual funny things happen all the time in my classroom.

A few that I'm listing below are ones that have stuck with me through this school year so far.

Little boy walks up to me looking like he's in distress.
Me: "Is something wrong?"
Him: "I got a boo-boo on my lip." (he says this in his super saddest voice ever.)
Me: "Oh no. What happened?"
Him: "I was just in my fort when a bear came up and bit my lip off while I was sleeping."
Me: "Hmm........"

Seriously, how do you punish a non-existent bear that comes in at nap time and bites children's lips off? lol

I walk into the bathroom that we have in our room the other day to find a little girl standing up facing the potty with the lid up. When she sees me walk in she says, " I'm a little boy." I chuckled under my breath and then explained to her that she was in fact a little girl. I wanted to add...."believe me, you do NOT want to be a little boy even if they can tinkle standing up. They really just aren't that cool." I refrained.

Little girl: "Ms. Tori, you know that planet Mars?"
Me: "Yeh, I know it."
Little girl: "I've been there, it's really cold."

Please keep in mind that these children are 3. They keep me rolling in chuckles everyday.


Heather said...

How cute! :) I love your stories about your kids!

Lyndsie said...

LOL this is absolutely hilarious...i already know who the second one is about but i'm going to guess the other two are dylan and kaitlyn :) I love them all soo much!