Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Randomness of the Past Month

After almost a month of not blogging I'm not quite sure where to begin.

I guess I'll just pick up where I left off....

So a couple of weekends ago I headed to Arlington to meet up with a few old College Station friends that I so dearly have missed. It was indeed one of the best reunions of all time. Mostly, because of this lady , she rocks my socks off. (far right, Ms. Erin Tobin)

I had forgotten how wonderful our friendship was until I had the opportunity to spend hours and hours which lasted until wee hours of the morning with her.

It was in fact so wonderful that after I had been with her, Tyler, Riley, Jenna, Tom and so on for about an hour I asked, "So when can we do this again?" I was so anxious to see them again even though we still had a whole night of madness ahead of us.

We decided on the A&M vs. Iowa State game on the 31st. So as you might suspect, I'm so anxious for next weekend I almost can't contain myself. Not to mention, two of my favorite people in the world moved to Austin area recently (Mr. Adams and his lady Ms. Candace and this is where I'll be meeting Erin). I can only imagine the shenanigans to be had.

So you might be wondering what shenanigans came of our recent reunion. Well after a quick catch up.... A few of our favorite brews (see below)

And a couple rounds of these.....

The night offered much crazy fun such as a jersey contest (See Erin's photo), wrestling and other ridiculousness that cannot be explained to those that were not present. So you can see why I'm eager to be with these loonies once again. :)

In other news, domestic news that is....

I've found a new favorite treat. Thanks to The Bonnie Hunt Show I've now fallen in love. What is it you ask? Nutella spread and bananas (original recipe calls for peanut butter, but Nutella makes it much better)

How do you make it?

Take one banana. Cut in half. Spread Nutella inside. Close banana with other half. Put in freezer. After frozen cut in small pieces. Enjoy! I love this new healthy candy.

Also in domestic news, sewing excursions are still in full swing. Below is a make-up bag I made in about an hour a couple of weeks ago. It was my first zipper and lining project and I love it!!!!! It matches perfectly with my newly decorated bathroom.

UNT homecoming was this past weekend and I decided to try to step it up a notch with my sewing and it went pretty well. I didn't have a pattern. I used a sketch and this is how the end result turned out. (below) I got many compliments and I'm now contemplating making one for the A&M game at the end of the month.

This past weekend these two lovely ladies joined me in the homecoming festivities that are known as tailgating (eatin' and drinkin') and football (watching UNT lose).

We obviously had fun as shown in mine and Tom's picture below.

And of course I always have fun when this little lady is present.

So that is what's been going on in these parts lately.

It's been really busy and it shall continue through the next month or so but I really am enjoying every little second of this crazy whirlwind fall.

What are a few of my current projects that I am trying to finish up? Well, I'm working on re-vamping my old shower curtain to match the newly decorated bathroom, I'm recovering a glider rocker and pillows, I'm becoming a breadmaker (I'm still trying to tweak the recipe), I'm also redecorating the whole house with a look of natural and earthy colors (go figure).

And lastly, in true Wednesday fashion......

What Can YOU Do Wednesday?

Well, with all this decorating and sewing that I've been doing I've definitely learned the importance or reusing and recycling EVERYTHING! All fabrics especially. So it's simple and to the point. Before you go out and purchase anything new check around the house for something that can be transformed into what you're looking for. I will post pictures of all my projects I've been doing with reusable materials very soon.

That's it for now.... Happy Wednesday!

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