Monday, March 29, 2010

Sewing Excursions

So if you've been to my home you've seen the ugliness that is this chair

I've been talking about recovering it for quite some time now but I just dreaded doing it. But I couldn't take looking at it anymore. It was ugly! It was a lint collector! But it was FREE! Yep, I took it off someones hands for free. I'm always up for a project.

A couple months back Jenny and I were garage saling and I found some material and knew it was what I wanted to cover the chair in. (Truth be told I found some at Hobby Lobby but being the cheapo I am I refused to pay $8 a yard for it, so I waited I knew something better would come a long)

Anyway, we were at the garage sale and I found 5 yards of this fabric along with a couple other types of fabric, ribbon a basket and some vintage newspaper. I got it all for $1. Yep, I just typed that, ONE DOLLAR!

First, I stripped the hideousness off of the cushions.

I had a staple gun so recovering the ottoman was super easy.

The sewing machine took care of the rest after I made a pattern for the cushions. This project actually didn't take as long as I had thought and was pretty easy. Which actually ticked me off since I'd been putting it off for so long thinking that it would take too much time.

Anyway, here is the finished product.....

Did I mention that this whole project (including the chair itself) cost me about $.25,yes, A QUARTER! Give or take a few pennies. :)


Erin Gandy said...

You are just a regular ole Martha these days, huh?! It looks great!

Erin said...

yay! excellent job lady!

Victoria :) said...

Yeh, that's who I aspire to be :) Martha's my queen lol

Thanks ladies :)

regina barnett said...

Love the chair.. You did a wonderful job

Mitzi said...

Poodle, that looks great!

Love you!