Monday, April 19, 2010

And Another Year Bites The Dust ;)

Hmm. 24 years ago my Momma endured way to many hours of labor for little ole me. She must really love me because every year I hear from her at 2:22 P.M. (the exact time I was brought into this world) and she says something like this, "24 years ago I was in a hospital room giving birth to you and it's the best thing I ever did." It seriously moves me to tears every year.

I also hear from my dear sweet Daddy every year about how he couldn't imagine not having me as his daughter and in his sweet speech HE is normally moved to tears.

Despite all the crying I swear it's a happy day. ;)

I'm not sure how big families are (being an only child) but I know in my small little family we're awfully grateful for each other and birthday's seem to bring it out in us a just little more.

Growing up I always had a huge birthday party and looking back maybe a little over the top with too many gifts.

As I've gotten older I'd be lying if I said I didn't like my birthday to be made into a huge deal still.

The surprise 18th birthday party at Speed Zone.

I'm sure we all remember the Tea Party Extravaganza with the two tier birthday cake for me and Mitzi. (my 21st and her 23rd)

A winery tour and renting a room at the Magnolia in downtown Dallas and having too much fun in Uptown for my 22nd..

And last year's week long celebration. Nights out on the town, Rangers game, and a BBQ with great friends.

My birthday this year kind of snuck up on me and with so many things going on with others I didn't have much time to think about my special day.

But we've decided on some fishin' and a BBQ full of friends, food and beer on the 24th. And let me tell you I'm pretty flippin' excited.

Reason number 1 why I'm excited: In true 'Tori' fashion I've decided to have my bbq a cute spring/summer theme.

Reason number 2 why I'm excited: The Erin Tobin is coming to Denton to see little ole me, I seriously adore this lady. I just laugh til I cry or almost pee my pants when she's around. I'm hoping she and I can fit in a little 'pool and tecate' for old times sake. Maybe show them how a little Three Man is done.

Reason number 3 why I'm excited: I have a brand new fishin' pole and fully stocked caboodle (tacklebox) that's itchin' to catch some fish.

Reason number 4 why I'm excited: I could use a good lawn chair, a coorslight in hand and good conversation with good friends. :)

I'm so truly blessed by such wonderful family and friends that always make my special day (or in some cases week) absolutely wonderful. :)

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