Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I know....

I know.

I stink.

I haven't posted on this blog in too long.

And this will be a very short post too since I'm taking a small break from studying for my Infant & Toddler Development Final. BOOO for finals! Yay for infants and toddlers though! long as they aren't mine. ;)

Speaking of toddlers my kiddos at work are all out of the toddler era or on their way out. Yep, they're almost ALL four. It makes me sad...but they sure do say the cutest things. I thought I'd share a few recent funnies. (over the last few months)

Little Boy: "I made you a smoothie."
Me: "What kind? I only like certain smoothies."
Little Boy: "Well, you're in luck! I put lots of certains in there!!!"

Little Boy: "You can play transformers on an iPhone."
Me: "You can play hopscotch outside."
Little Boy: confused face "Huh?"

Little Girl: "One day I'm gonna be a pretty princess and you can come save me in my castle!"
Little Boy: "That sounds like too much trouble."

Little boy climbs on outside of the jungle gym.
Little Boy: "Ninjas are always careful."

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