Sunday, September 12, 2010

Recent Crafting

So I've made a few things over the last couple months that haven't gotten any recognition....

First, Jenny and I made some really cute paintings on canvas. I decided to hang mine above my bed.


I really like the way it turned out. And of course the entire project cost about $7 or $8 dollars. The ones we saw similar at the store were $30. And ours are cuter. :)

Since I changed some things up in my bedroom I had to make some new throw pillows. I love the way they turned out. I'm in love with my white one with brown flowers, and it was so easy to sew!

End product of new bedding.

I also made this little cork board out of old message board cork, cardboard and coffee filters.

A great place to hang pictures of all my little loves.

I wasn't sure how I was going to use this old carpenter ladder when I got it for free from an estate sale but it turned out to be a great shelf.

And our course I'm always sewing something for Miss Kinley.



I also sewed her a skirt out of one of my old dresses that I was going to give away.

Ta-da! ;)

And here's my little Princess modeling it at church today! I love you with all my heart sweet cheeks!


KatieO said...

the crafts look great! i think you should have an etsy shop :)

Victoria :) said...

Thanks Katie! I'm seriously contemplating it since I can't work while I intern next semester. I could at least support my crafting habit ;)