Monday, February 25, 2013

A Little Kitchen Progress

Although, we aren't ready for a full kitchen reveal yet, we are ready to show a little progress that has been made. Please keep in mind that it is still in transition, but we hope to have it finished in the next weeks and this girl can't wait to show the full deal!

This picture shows what/where the oven was before and even though it was nice to cook and see to the living room, it just wasn't open enough and really seemed to make both rooms look very small. (We also had just taken everything out of the cabinets to prime.)

Picture of the bar top taken off and the wall before it came down looking into the kitchen.

We got the oven moved and in the process we decided to take off the old drywall and hang some new. You can also see the old tile in this picture.

Many days in our kitchen looked like this and can drive a girl crazy when it's time to cook dinner, but some how we managed. This is a picture of Daniel re-framing and hanging the new drywall in what was an archway that we wanted square.

Drywall hung and tape and bedding done. Kitchen/oven area still a mess and in transition.

Drywall finally got hung on the open wall that we moved the oven to, but cooking was still hard with no countertops...

The tile and awful parquet floors that didn't look or meet very smoothly. We knew both had to go.   

You can see the progress we've made here with the new tile in the kitchen, new cabinets by the oven (still needing our countertops) and you can also see the painted living room on the right a little bit with the wainscoting. 

A little better shot of what will soon be our fully functional kitchen :) And you can see how the kitchen/hall flooring now flows much better!

Up next, a new coat of paint on the walls and cabinets, new back splash, the new countertops and all the little things and then I can happily decorate!

It has been so great to get to step back and see all the progress that we've been making in the house. It's really starting to feel like home. :)

Hope to post the finished room soon!

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