Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Everyday Love

This year, like every year I watched as people posted their sweet treats, gifts and flowers from their loved ones on every social media site out there. 

Receiving gifts is always great, am I right? 

Daniel and I have decided to spend out Valentine's Day's a little bit different though and for that reason, there were not flowers, candy or overstuffed teddy bears given this year.

There was a home cooked meal like there is every night and there were homemade cards that hallmark could never compete with. And I hope that will forever be our tradition.

Last year we were both working 50 hours a week and felt this immense pressure to make the day special.

Well, my husband did just that.... but I forgot.

Our Valentine's Day last year may have been one of the worst ever. He did do a great job, but the feeling of pressure to find the right gift and to have everything done by the time I got home and then me walking in with not even a card set us up for bad moods.

I agree that "your person" as we say in our house, should be told and shown how special they are. On the other hand, we decided it's total crap to set up one day a year to do that.


My person replaces the garbage disposal on Sunday when he wants to lounge on the couch.

My person listens to me talk for hours a week about things that happened in my day that probably in no way interest him.

My person puts a load of laundry in the washer early Saturday morning while I grab a few extra minutes of sleep.

My person waits patiently on me to get dressed Tuesday and Thursday mornings when I ride with him to Dallas even though he could have been out the door 20 minutes earlier.

My person kisses me hello and goodbye and says 'I love you' every time he leaves me and every time he comes home.

My person works hard every day to take care of our family.

My person supports my dreams even when they seem silly or unrealistic.

My person listens to me sing loudly to Adele in the car without a complaint.

My person loves me, supports me and cherishes me every day not just February 14th. He makes me feel special and important. He makes me laugh like no one else ever could. And I truly miss him when he's away. After all, he's my person today just like he was yesterday and how he will be tomorrow, next week, next year, forever.

Remember that the one day a year means little and the every day means a lot.

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