Sunday, May 3, 2009

Save! Save! Save!

So I'm ALWAYS looking for a good deal.

We know this about me :)

Recently, I've been working on getting my grocery bill as low as possible so I've been trying to find every way to save possible.

I always use coupons and match them with the circular but I was looking at one of my favorite blogs the other day and the woman had posted a great post about what to do to save on groceries.

If you want all the info. (believe me you do.) you should click

So I took some of her advice and below is what I bought and how much I payed for it total.

-2 loaves of Sara Lee wheat bread
-1 head organic romaine lettuce
-1 package organic carrots
-1 package organic raspberries
-2 organic apples
-5 ears of yellow corn
-4 organic tomatoes
-organic bananas
-1 tub country crock butter
-1 pint organic half & half
-3 packages of 6 ct. organic waffles
-2 packages of chicken breasts
-1 package lil beef smokies
-2 packages Tyson bacon
-2 boxes Kraft mac - cheese
-1 bottle Kraft bbq sauce
-6 pack of Hansens sodas
-1 package capri suns
-1 package 4 ct. colgate wisps
-Nivea body wash
-VIVE shampoo
-VIVE conditioner
-Lady speed stick deodorant
-Arm and hammer (3lb.) washing soda
-Arm and hammer (4lb.) baking soda

Total before Kroger savings and my coupons: $93.42

After w/ all savings and coupons: $57.42

Total savings: $36.00

I think that I did a pretty decent job but I'm going to keep working on my savings tactics. My goal, to get my groceries for almost free. I do believe it's possible. Please check out the link above and all the links in her post and register at the websites she gives. They really are very helpful.

After all, who wants to spend all their money on groceries?

I do believe the reason that my grocery bill wasn't less is because of my organic preference on most things. This is something that I can't give up so I'm working on finding places to receive more organic and natural product coupons. I know there has to be more resources.

So give it all a try the next time you go to the grocery store.

If you have any questions about anything email me at I would love to help you save :)

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