Thursday, July 30, 2009

He's Wonderful :)

I was visiting Athens just last week and got to see my wonderful family.

I love seeing them because I'm always learning something when we're together talking about everything and nothing.

I spent Thursday with my Daddy and had a Daddy/Daughter day. I love these days, they are some of the best days of my life....because I'm a true blue Daddy's girl.

So on Thursday we did plenty of fun stuff. Well, actually to anyone else it wouldn't be too fun. We sat around and talked, went to buy four wheeler parts and visited old friends. These are all things I love doing with my parents though because you get to learn from them. I learn from what they say and I learn from what I see. Even at 23, I believe my parents have so much wisdom to send my way.

So we went out to ole Cross Roads to visit some old friends of my Daddy's.

Friends that I remember my Dad catching hell for when I was younger for being their friend.

These friends of his don't have much. There's no beautiful house, no nice clothes or nice cars.

But they were always there for him when he needed a friend.

So we went to pay them a visit and to just catch up on old times.

And as I sat there watching my Daddy talking to them telling them how nice their yard was looking, how much he missed them and how he was just so glad that they were doing well... I started to smile.

I looked at him and it made me so proud to be his daughter.

To be the daughter of a man who doesn't care what you have or don't have.

To be the daughter of a man who has set such a good example as I grew up showing me that money doesn't have much importance if you don't have great friends and family around.

To be the daughter of a man who gives everything he has to other people. Whether it's money, clothes, time or anything else, he's got a giving heart.

He truly makes my heart happy.

I look up to this man.

I respect this man.

I trust this man.

I'm sometimes in awe of this man.

I cherish every moment that I'm with him.

I still get excited when I see him.

I love him with all my heart.

And I thank him for giving me all the lessons and love that a man should give his child.

I'm one lucky girl! :)

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