Tuesday, August 11, 2009

With Much Pain....

I finally said goodbye to my favorite denim lover. When I purchased these jeans some 5+ years ago they were hole less and a much darker denim. However, over the course of the past couple of years they've been through many adventures. Of course they look cute and even wearable from the front.

But from the back there's no denying that they have seen better days.

Not only can you see both of my tushy cheeks when I put them on there is also a small hole now in the crotch area. This of course is not acceptable.
So I put on my thinking cap.
I remembered that I've also been telling myself that I'm going to teach myself to sew for the longest time.
And what better time to learn than when I need to recycle my favorite pair of jeans.
So I began....
And I was awful. It took me an hour to learn how to thread the needle and learn what a bobbin is.
But eventually I got the hang of it and started my first project.
Project 1: The Apron
Notice the pocket. I took it from my jeans. I also saved the rest of them for later projects. And even though I made something functional and cute out of a piece of them a part of me was still sad that I will never get to wear them again. But it's for the better, lord knows I don't need to be prancing around in some butt-less jeans.

So after finishing my first sewing project I realized that I really like sewing and that I wanted to do more of it. So I dove in head first and started a new project. Quilting.

Here is some of the fabric I will be using. I'm really excited I've got a little bit started but haven't taken a picture yet. I will have to post them soon. I'm so excited!
That's all for now. Lunch break is over and I'm heading back to work to see my precious angels. Have a great Tuesday!

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