Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What can YOU Do Wednesday?

This week's What can YOU Do Wednesday? is something that I'm trying very very hard to start doing.

Buying produce from local farmers markets.

And why is this so important you might be asking?

Well, there are many reasons. I'm going to give you just a few to think about.

- If you buy produce from local farmers more of the land near by will stay agricultural instead of turning into a shopping mall or convenient store.

- Local produces shows you what veggies and fruits are in season. This is why you pay so much more for things such as strawberries in the winter....they're a summer berry.

- If you eat the food that's grown close to you it takes less energy to get to you. Less CO2 out there roaming around.

- Not all local produce is grown organically but it does have less pesticides because it doesn't have to worry about a long shelf life.

- And the #1 reason to buy local..... IT TASTES BETTER!

Now I realize that for most people it's not financially possible to buy ALL your produce from a local farmers market or organic. Although if you use some of my grocery saving tips I can vouch that it's definitely possible.

But below is a list of the top 10 fruits and veggies that you SHOULD always buy local/organic because or the mass amounts of pesticides.

1. Strawberries (well, pretty much all berries) there is a pesticide called methyl bromide that is very toxic and banned on other foods but has not been banned on strawberries for some crazy reason.

2. Potatoes

3. Peaches, these have the highest level of pesticides used on them.

4. Spinach, remember that spinach scare a while back? Enough said.

5. Bananas, this one surprised me but they are apparently sprayed with benomyl which is linked to birth defects.

6. Tomatoes

7. Apples

8. Celery

9. Bell peppers

10. Green beans

So these are a few. Or the ones that have the most harmful poo on them that your body doesn't need.

I buy all produce and all dairy products local or organic because I like knowing that there's nothing bad going into my body. I leave that for the occasional dining out. Plus, the taste really is phenomenal.

So next time you go to pick up that container of strawberries just remember you're also picking up a side of toxic methyl bromide, yum!

Please, try and support your local farmers markets. If you aren't sure where one is around you check out this website, local harvest.

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