Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gees! Where Have My Green Tips Gone?!

So I've realized that my green tips haven't been making their way onto my blog lately and I am going to make sure that stops. The greenness never stops in this household and I love letting others know of all the fun ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, restore everyday things.

So I will be starting a weekly blog post titled, What Can YOU Do Wednesday?. It will consist of how to recycle topics, where you can buy the best natural products for home and personal care and much more.

To jump start this topic I'm going to start with something easy.

Above is a picture of recycled glass jars (minus the huge mason jar, that one is just for visual effect ;).

When I buy things I try to see their containers as something that can be reused. So for the most part I chose glass jars with lids so that I can use them for storage.

The two small mason jars above had soups in them that I bought from Target. The soup was delicious and the fact that I could turn the jars into a cute little fix for splenda's and Q-tips was the icing on top. The one in the back was from an organic juice, I decided it was perfect for storing cotton balls.

Sometimes I don't have a use right away for the jars so i just wash them and put them in a spare cabinet for later use.

There are so many glass containers that end up in the garbage, not the recyclables each year so why not help make it less while putting them to some good use.

So stay tuned for weekly updates on What Can YOU Do Wednesday?

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