Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Busy Bee

With the Fall semester right around the corner I can just feel the excitement.

In order to get ready for the new semester and the new school year at work there are a few things that had to be done.

Buy supplies?

Decorate my classroom?


Well, yeah all of those things must be done too.... but first and foremost I MUST get every little square inch of the house in order!

So in true OCD fashion I have spent the last week or so taking everything out of its place and putting it back in a nice neat organized way.

For those of you who have seen my place you are probably thinking, "what? why? it looks just fine."

Here's why.

When things aren't perfect in my house they just sit there in the back of my mind wanting me to go fix them even if you can't see them. I know they must be done before I can do anything else.

So whether it's reorganizing the bathroom cabinets, doing every last piece or laundry (even the hand wash only's), or finding a new organizational system for socks, it's ALL been done.

The new school year at the preschool starts on Monday and Fall semester for me starts next Thursday so I will be a busy little bee the rest of the weekend putting the final touches on the house so that I'm ready for the new school year.

So if I'm MIA this weekend.... you know why.

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KatieO said...

I appreciate your organizational skills :) i started blogging too!