Monday, November 2, 2009

Somewhere Down in Texas

I've been planning a trip to Austin since I saw these entertaining people about a month ago.

This past weekend I jumped in the ole red wagon and left for Austin excited about the events ahead of me.

I envisioned all kinds of fun which would include some stylish Austin bars, the Aggie football game, some tailgating and lots and lots of laughs.

I have to say I was a little bit wrong. The weekend turned out a tad different.

It actually turned out better than I had planned.

When I got to Austin Friday night Erin, Tyler and I had dinner at an old favorite.

Erin and I met at Cheddar's the end of my first semester of college in 2004. She became a fast favorite of mine and continues to be five years later.

Many of our days at Cheddar's were spent complaining about rude and obnoxious customers who seemed to think you were inhuman and could treat you any way they please. We also spent many a day goofing off in the back. Some of our favorite things to keep us from actually dealing with our customers included: making liquid cocaine (the best iced tea ever) and hiding it behind the squirrel, stealing croissants and dipping them in fudge, and of course who can forget situations like this?

Overall, the near 3 years I spent working as a waitress at Cheddar's really did make me realize that I'd rather die than be a waitress again. But then again in those 3 years I met the most ridiculously amazing people possible. And even though we spent 50% of the time complaining about our job (if not more) I believe that secretly we enjoyed every second of it because we were there together.

So anyway, we ate a few old favorites at the local Austin Cheddar's. We of course judged our wait staff on how we would have handled everything differently. Ending of course in a rude comment slipping off Erin's tongue. It wasn't her fault, the waitress seemed to show all signs of being incompetent.

After our flashback dinner we decided to head back to Riley and Tyler's house and play a classic.

Although we decided to shake things up a little by playing the Dog Edition.

It was indeed a swell choice.

We allowed Tyler to fulfill his dreams of owning a miniature schnauzer which definitely made his night.

We woke up Saturday morning and headed toward College Station.

I haven't been back to College Station since the day I hitched the U-haul to the truck over 2 years ago. I was a little excited to say the least.

But there was one thing that I had to be initiated into before reaching our destination. I'm now proud to say that I have officially been down Old Potato road. I'm not going to explain it because you just couldn't understand. ;)

Once we made it to College Station we headed to Northgate for a little pre-game festivities.

Erin and I had the privilege of spending all weekend with this guy.

Don't know him? Well, you will. His name is Riley xSladek (silent x) and he's the biggest thing in Mexican blockbusters since greased back ponytails.

So proud to say I've known him since way before his Latin stardom.

We then decided to celebrate with a few shots at Dry Bean, this is my favorite shot bar.

We tried to capture the moment but we just couldn't get it together.

But I promise despite the lack of smiles in the photo we all enjoyed our "pissed off Japanese minnow farmer" shot.

After that we started our walk to Kyle Field. Where the walk up to the third level seemed to take hours.

But we finally found our seats.

It started off a little warm but ended up being pretty nice by the middle of the game.

We were thrilled to see the Ags BTHO Iowa State but we were exhausted and decided to head back to Austin after the game. I believe we all took naps on the way back minus Derek, the driver.

Back in Austin Erin, Riley, Tyler and I headed out for dinner at Baby A's where we experienced our only taste of Halloween '09. It came in the form of the Baby A's wait staff. My favorite happened to be a mummy who obviously forgot to make a flap in his masking tape costume for bathroom breaks.

While eating we tried to figure out what the rest of the evening would entail. Tyler brought up his current NetFlix's selection of Transformers 2. Someone mentioned laying on the couch and blankie's and we were all convinced that was the only way we wanted to spend our Halloween night.

Halfway into the movie we decided finishing it would be ridiculous when we could just go to sleep.

Yes, we were in bed by about 11 on Halloween.

Sunday I woke up fully refreshed from my 10 hour slumber to find everyone already downstairs drinking coffee watching TV. So I snuggled up with my blankie and joined the Sunday fun.

We watched a wide range of television favorites including Full House (I forgot how hot Uncle Jesse was), THIS SHOW (which made me want to throw up), and a show on animal planet which showcased an anaconda hunt by a team of idiots.

After a light lunch it was time to say bye to old friends and head back to Denton which I'd started to miss.

Oh course I had to stop @ IKEA since it was on the way.

I wanted it all but ended leaving there with only these items...

And at only $16.25 for all of it I'd say it was a pretty good pit stop.

So I'm finally back home not happy that tomorrow is Monday but very grateful for this past weekend.

Thanks for making me laugh until my stomach and cheeks hurt Erin, Riley and Tyler! Can't wait for next time where I hope to see the dangerous game of STUMP played and perhaps Riley's Mexican movie premiere party.

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