Monday, November 16, 2009

I've Jumped On...

....the bandwagon.

I can't believe the sentence that I'm about to type......

I, Victoria Adams have become a fan of Twilight.

Yes, me, the one who spent the last year poking fun of people watching movies and reading books about vampires.

I could not see the point in reading about something that is so unrealistic. I like reading books that pertain to my life directly.

But then.....

I went to RedBox one Wednesday night (my movie and me night) and there was nothing to rent, everything was checked out except for.......

This movie.

So I pressed the select button and carted it home thinking that I just wasted $1.08.

So I cooked my dinner sat down and pushed play.

There's not much more to say.

I was hooked.

Mainly because of this guy.

Don't you just want to make-out with him?

Well, I do.

I can't believe I just typed that.

He plays a flippin' vampire.

I haven't felt a movie crush like this since Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic pack in 7th grade.

He's definitely a hottie but I became even more in love with him when I found out he sings, plays guitar and piano.

So with much embarrassment I must now state that I too have become a Twilight junkie.

I want all the books.

I'm counting down the days until New Moon. (3)

And wishing I were Bella.

I feel like a junior high school girl.

Thanks Edward Cullen.


Heather said...

YES! I am so dragging Jason to the midnight showing. It's okay, since he drags me to ALL the Harry Potters'.

PS. The books are 10 times better than the movie! I love both, though.

Katie Strong said...

YES! If you are addicted to the movies, you are going to LOVE the books! I am so happy for you! :)

BL said...

ROFL....How do you think I feel...I'm old enough to be your MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!