Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Martha Attempts ;)

This past weekend was full of awesomeness. Well, most of my weekends are pure awesomeness so I guess you could say it's the same ole around here. But it never is.

On Saturday Jenny and I had set our minds to getting that veggie garden planted, we were cuttin' it short if we wanted delicious mid-summer salads and such.

And because we can't just do something without making it an all out event. We decided on a tea party. Although, there was no tea. It was quickly replaced with peach bellini's, but we received no complaints.

Erin, Steven and little Kinners came. Kinley loved being outside all day in the beautiful weather. She played (slept) most of the day in her pack-n-play but when we took our breaks it was nice to go check on the little sunshine.

Here are some more pics of the glorious day.

Another thing that this little lady worked on this weekend was crafts. Surprise. Surprise.

The first project I got to work on was recovering this lamp.

I made this lamp shade about 3 or 4 years ago and its safe to say my decor has definitely changed. I can't throw things out though, we all know I like to re-vamp anything that I can get my hands on.

So I stripped it down. Played with some white fabric and this was how the final result came out.

I added a little flare, nothing too dramatic (not my style) by adding a little tie on the side and then a broach that I made out of an old charm.

I definitely like the more simplistic look of the lamp now and with the all white fabric it brightens my bedroom up completely. I'd say it was a success. ;)

My next project this weekend was not on my to-do list since I happened to stumble upon this little desk at Goodwill on Sunday for $8.00.

I've been looking for a small sewing desk that didn't take up too much space and would help me keep my sewing machine off of the kitchen table when I'm sewing. And I'm sewing at least a couple nights a week now so it has become quite the eye sore.

After a coat of primer.

I have to say I did splurge on these knobs. At $3.00 a piece that's a little pricey I think. Afterall, I got all four of the knobs for the sewing dresser for $5.00. But I thought they were cute since they looked like a clock and I seem to lose track of time when I start to sew.

And then the ugly desk turned into something a little cuter......

I've already put it to use. ;)

The last project that I worked on was some cushions for the two antique patio chairs I bought with the Daddy at First Monday. I paid only $5 a piece for the chairs.

I started by getting together some cute material ($3) and I bought these two cushions for $1.99 a piece.

If you're keeping track that's $15 for this entire project. The cushions alone the I wanted were each $15. And the chairs that I wanted were somewhere around $30 for each one. So that's a huge savings of $45!!!!! Pure craziness.

Ta-da! ;)

Oh! I almost forgot! I made this cute little outfit for Miss Kinley last week out of an old t-shirt and some fabric scraps.

I love that little babydoll.

Well, stay tuned. There are always more Do It Yourself projects around the corner in this home.

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KatieO said...

You are such a mini-Martha!