Monday, October 15, 2007

Princess Dandelion And Her Search For Her Polar Bear

I have a friend named Mitzi. She's crazy. And because she's nuts she
understands my craziness. Today I was thinking about her, scratch that, today I
was talking to her and I asked her what my next post should we about. After all,
she and I have so many beautiful tales of goofiness I figured she'd have a great

"Write a story about me!", she said. To most people you would think that
means to write about an event that happened in her life or our lives together. It
doesn't. I know her all to well. She wanted a story, a little fairy tale.
Believe me, as someone who has had to make up bedtime stories to put her to
sleep, I know she wants a REAL story. So here goes.....

Once upon a time (that's the way all great fairy tales start out), there
was a little princess. She was short and cute and full of spunk! She was so
spunky she skipped everywhere she went. She skipped to her car, she skipped to
her big girl job, she even skipped to the zoo (to see polar bears of course).
And on this particular day, that is exactly where little Princess Dandelion was
headed, to the zoo. The Dallas one to be exact, you know the one right off of

Princess Dandelion was on a mission today when she got to the zoo. She
intended to have tea time with the polar bear that had been adopted for her by
her bestest friend,
Princess Hydrangea (who, because of prior engagements to ride the ferris wheel all day at the
State Fair of Texas, could not join in on the tea party). That's ok Princess Dandelion
thought, she'd just have to make do without her number two.

Once she arrived she decided, first things first! She had to stop in the
gift shop and buy an overpriced stuffed turtle (jaws would need a friend), two
penguin figurines (everyone knows you can't just buy one penguin. why? because it's not two), and of course a fanny pack to put them in and also to hang her
over-sized, over-prized cup with a handle on the side of. She was ready!

Her adventure now started with going through the maze of flamingos. It was
tricky! It was overcrowded by the pond and the flamingos knocked her down! She
bumped her head and woke up seeing nothing but pink! She couldn't let this stop
her. She had a tea date with a polar bear, and no lady with class ever breaks a
tea time! She had to continue on her journey through the zoo.

Next she swam with the otters through the underwater mountains... then she
went on a quick safari with the giraffes and hippos. She was almost to the polar
bears she could feel it! Plus, there was a sign ahead that said, "You're almost
to the polar bears! Can you feel it?!"

But oh goodness, it seems that in her quest for polar bear tea time she got
a little bit dirty. She knew that ladies, especially princesses weren't allowed
to arrive in such a mess. She had to make a stop. Luckily, she was wearing her
lucky scrunchie and
with the click of her little mary janes she had changed into her favorite tea time
dress, it was cream with yellow flowers, strapless of course! ;) She put on her
hat and gloves and because she had been taught to never show up anywhere empty
handed, Princess Dandelion offered her polar bear friends something they
couldn't get in the zoo, Sprinkles cupcakes. They were pleased with her
contribution to tea time and asked her to stay, forever. So she did. She decided
to live in the zoo. With her new friends. Of course, some renovations were done,
princesses can't live in those conditions. So, after she had a mansion,
courtyard, tennis courts, and Starbucks built in the zoo, they all lived happily
ever after!

P.S. Princess Hydrangea finished her day of ferris wheeling and joined in on the fun!

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