Monday, October 1, 2007

It's Here! And It's Wonderful!

Photograph taken by Ms. Ashley Z! We love you Ash!
We call this one "Our Album Cover" lol

Walking along campus today I couldn't help but smile, it felt like Fall. I love this season. I have decided it beats out Spring. Some of you don't realize how big of a deal that is. I am an April baby so for me to choose Fall over Spring is like.. well, nuts. You would think I'd pick Spring I mean there's an actual day in Spring that is devoted to me. A day full of cake, presents, and parties. But nope Fall wins by a hair.

The other night in Uptown the girls and I were talking about pumpkin carving. What a fun activity to do. Everyone remembers carving pumpkins of their favorite cartoon character or what was supposed to look like their favorite cartoon character when they were kids. I've decided that there is absolutely no reason for such a fun-filled event to be taken away just because I am not 5.

I want to have a pumpkin carving party. (I think we talked about this the other night girls.) But I've decided it's a must. So I'm extending invites. If you think you are interested in carving the pumpkin of your dreams and then lighting his fire, please join us! Details of this Autumn event will be coming about soon. :)

Also, in Fall news... Halloween is just around the corner. That means it's time to make those costume selections. I need some suggestions for a costume this year, got any? Nothing revealing and inappropriate, I'm not in high school. Also nothing scary. I know it's Halloween but I just don't think scary costumes are very cute, go figure. So, e-mail or leave me a comment if you 1) want to be a part of the pumpkin carving, 2) want to be a part of the Halloween Extravaganza, 3) if you have any costume ideas.

Don't forget to enjoy this beautiful time of year. Try to spend as much time outside as possible, it really will brighten your day.

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