Monday, September 28, 2009

Sewing Excursions

I was laying on the couch tonight feeling like I needed to get up and do something.

So I did.

And an hour later this is how it turned out.......

I'm getting much better at this sewing stuff. I didn't even use a pattern for this, just my noggin.

Yay for a fun bag/purse! :)

I also made a few napkins yesterday morning when Jenny came over before church. Super easy. I decided they needed a little something so I thought why not try and embroider them, it turned out ok.
Could be better but I'm just using them to wipe my spaghetti face so they don't have to be perfect.
I can't wait to see what else my little sewing machine can produce!


Erin said...

Impressive skills. Oh how I wish I could sew..

Mitzi said...

Tor, you are a pro! That bag looks great!

Victoria :) said...

Thanks ladies :)

KatieO said...

Good job Tori!