Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend With Daddy :)

So this past weekend was spent with one of my favorite people in the world, my Daddy.

I always enjoy our time together.

The rain put a slight damper on our weekend but we didn't let it keep us down.

I took off work Friday so we could spend the day together. (Thanks for working for me Jenny :)

We went to the bookstore to pick up my school books (I really haven't needed them the past two weeks, but it's now getting to the point that I do.) and Daddy decided to pick up a few Plato books of his own.

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening looking around in Grapevine and then back to Denton for dinner and then to Best Buy where I picked up a few CD's. One of which is now my new favorite, Matt Nathanson.

Saturday brought much rain, but we didn't complain. We decided to head back to Grapevine where we had noticed the day before that there was a big BBQ cookoff at Bass Pro.

But of course had only brought an umbrella and no rain gear which was indeed in need.

Lucky for me Bass Pro carries a wide range of rain gear.

Of course the cheap stuff was sold out because everyone seemed to have the same idea.

So after spending $86 on rain gear I was then ready to hit the cookout.

Some very good BBQ was sampled and we saw some very unique pits. Including an 18 wheeler and Mickey Mouse.

My Daddy used to make BBQ pits for fun when I was growing up and we used to have this huge pit in our yard that looked exactly like an old tractor it had wheels and even a seat. We decided that we definitely would have had one of the coolest BBQ pits there if we'd have entered the contest. I'm not sure about our BBQ though.

After a couple of hours at the cookout we'd had all the BBQ we could handle and made our way to downtown Fort Worth.

I have never been down to the stockyards and my Daddy hasn't been since the '90's.

It poured on us the entire time we were there. But somehow I didn't even notice. This is where I decided the $86 investment in rain gear was definitely well worth it.

We looked around for a while and enjoyed all the history the town has to offer before heading back to Denton, ordering a pizza and relaxing at the house.

All in all I had a great weekend and I'm thankful for our time together. :)


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