Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Can YOU Do Wednesday's?

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Remember this guy?

Wasn't he so sweet and enlightening?

Well I'm here to say that real crickets, the ones that keep surfacing in my home are nowhere near as great as Ole Jiminy.

In fact, I have been in slight distress over crickets for the last month.

I've played the nice guy. I've used the mason jar and lid to scoop them up and free them outside.
I'm convinced that I only have one cricket.

I think he knows the one way to get into my apartment and greets me each day in my living room.

So I'm now in a dilemma cuz I really really want to just spray some pesticide and let him run away and die.

But after spending the last couple years taking toxic chemicals out of my house I just can't seem to go out and purchase a can of poo and spray it in my home.

So I did a little research and all google/books lead to any kind of mint oil.

Recipe is something like 1 tsp peppermint/pennyroyal/spearmint oil and 1 cup water and spray around baseboards, doors and any openings in home.

I'm going to do this tomorrow.

I know this seems like something so small and you're probably thinking it's really not a big deal.

But I'm a strong believer in taking anything toxic out of your home and replacing it with something natural.

Not to mention that the essential mint oils are around the same price as pesticides if not cheaper and last much longer since it's more concentrated.

Please, check if there are any natural remedies for home pests before you go out and purchase something that has chemicals that are harmful to you and your family.


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