Thursday, September 13, 2007

"It's As Easy As 1-2-3!"

I'm sure you have seen all these commercials about opening bank accounts lately.

"It's simple and easy!"

"Customize your new account!"

What? It was the farthest thing from easy today! And options? Who wants options I just want you to take my money put it in a new "account" and then let me know when I will be able to use my money.

Which reminds me. I really don't like that you can't access YOUR OWN money the first day of opening a checking account. I really just wanted to say.. "But it's mine." and "I want it today."

No, I didn't need it so of course I couldn't make some ridiculous seen in the Wells Fargo branch off of loop 288. But let me say the thought sat in my mind wanting to be heard. I hushed it of course to keep myself from being a ridiculous public scene maker, which is something I've always prided myself on not being. But what if I did need my money. How would I get to it? Would I have to break into an ATM? Would I have to learn how to be a con-artist/thief like the guys from oceans 11,12 and 13? And would they have taught me enough to make my breaking and entering successful? Probably not. Although those movies do make me feel a little more confident about thieving if I was ever going to do it. But to put all yours minds to rest, I will not be committing any ha nus crimes.

And there was all this talk about rewards, bill pay, credit cards... and so on. I had to sign an electric signature board every time I needed to sign something. Whatever happened to paper? Do people use that anymore? Do I have a record of this new account that I just opened? Because physically nothing about this account exists.
Of course with this account came online banking. Which may I say I love. I'm a fan because I like to check my lack of money everyday. It's depressing but realistic. But with online banking comes a "screenname" and of course a "password." Now I don't know about anyone else but I'm screennamed and passworded out! Let me just name off the things that I have to have DIFFERENT passwords and screennames for... AOL, AIM, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, CITIBANK, CITICARD, WEBCT, EAGLEMAIL, this BLOG...really, it's endless. And today I had to add another set to my growing group of blahness that actually has started to control my money, education and well.. friends. They are consuming my life! I don't remember all of them and I think I'm smart enough to so I don't write them down. So I have to change passwords weekly. This is too much I can't take it. When did all of this online control come about? And when is it going away? I decided I don't like it!

So, I'd just like to say that my banking trip wasn't fun. I have no money until tomorrow. And I now have one more screenname/password that I wish to get rid of.

In other news... I finally took a movie back to blockbuster before it was due. This is a major accomplishment for anyone who knows me. My past blockbuster criminal record includes.. a 248 day late In Good Company and the most recent.. A VERY late The Good Sheperd and Catch & Release this one really hurt the bank, it left me $40 poorer. So kids, the moral of the story, return those movies! They really can block (you from renting) or bust (you and take your hard earned money) ya!

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