Friday, September 28, 2007

New FUN Posts Coming Soon! I Promise!

Hi Guys!

I have been really busy lately. I have been traveling like crazy! Between homecoming last week, a job interview in Plano, and visiting my bestie in Dallas I have been all over! Not to mention I had two tests this week. But it has all been worth it, I have had the best week and really enjoyed myself. I promise to tell you all about it once I get back to Denton and get settled in right before I start another crazy week. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I got a job!!! I am so excited about it! I have been job searching for the past two months and I have turned down a few part time jobs because I knew that wasn't where I needed to be. But this job seems perfect and I can't wait to start! I hope everyone is having a blessed week, I will fill you in on all the details soon!

With Love,
Victoria :)

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